Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Tasty Ways to Cool Down a Spicy Burger

When a burger has spicy ingredients, the bold heat create an intense flavor. The level of heat varies based on the number of peppers or spices that are included in a recipe. Many people eat jalapeno burgers since they can easily adjust the level of heat by adding or removing the peppers. If you want to experience bold heat while eating a spicy hamburger without eliminating the pepper flavor, you'll benefit from including these items with your meal.

Ranch Dressing

Ranch dressing is a delicious product that can enhance a jalapeno burger without overpowering the bold pepper flavor. At most grocery stores, you'll find a variety of ranch dressings with different flavor profiles. Some bottles with feature buttermilk, and others will have bacon bits. No matter what type of dressing you pour on your burger, its dairy components will blend nicely with each jalapeno pepper.

Milk Shake

A milk shake can help you wash down a spicy burger. If you're going to put many jalapeno peppers on a hamburger, this cool, refreshing beverage can calm the heat.

In order to beat the heat quickly, use a straw that bends. Because the end of a straw rests along the bottom of a glass, you'll drink icy cold liquid each time you take a sip.


If you eat a burger with a few jalapenos you can cool down by enjoying an icy dessert after you're done eating the hamburger. Yogurt is an ideal dessert to eat following a spicy burger because the dairy ingredients will reduce the heat from the peppers.

Depending upon your personal experience, hamburgers with peppers might make you sweat as you eat. However, if you consume dairy products during or after the meal, you can calm the heat.


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