Thursday, February 14, 2019

Let it Be

I'm a worrier.

Are my kids eating enough vegetables? Getting enough sleep? Did I turn off the kitchen light before I went to bed? Am I ruining my kids' life by going back to work already? Should I limit their screen time even more? Is the Cruise Director getting enough classes in so he'll get into the college he wants? Will the mom-mobile last another winter?


The worrying never ends. Sometimes it even invades my sleep and I dream of stressful situations. I don't know how many times I've reminded myself that worry robs you from joy. Many say worrying is not trusting that the Savior has it all under control. I'm not sure that last one is exactly true, though I get the idea behind it.

Many times I've heard the phrase, "Just let it go!" I even belted out Elsa's theme song as my personal anthem for weeks, hoping that it would happen by osmosis, assimilation or maybe even by coincidence. Something.

It didn't work, by the way.

I'm just a few short years away from 50 (GAH!) and I've never been able to figure out how to 'Let go and Let God." Sure, I pray and tell Him I'm giving my worries over to Him. I've prayed that so often, that I've stopped. Honestly.

Recently, I was chatting with an acquaintance who is also a worrier. She related that her husband has begun to gently remind her to "Let it be."


Boy did that strike me. It may be a matter of semantics to some, but for me, it caught my attention in a way that I could finally begin to grasp. Letting a situation "be" reminds me to deliberately take my hands off of a situation. I am not letting the situation slip from my fingers -- I'm making a conscious choice, giving myself permission, if you will, to not take responsibility of what I cannot control. It doesn't exactly absolve me of responsibility of the outcome when I am the one who is responsible, but it reminds me that there are somethings that I don't have control over. And it's those things that I need to, in effect, let go.

I'm not saying that "let it be" is a cure-all. I will need to be reminded often. I'll probably even get annoyed with my IRL people who deem it their responsibility to remind me often.

But it's a start.



  1. Good one. 50?? Don't even think about it. Let it be. LOL
    Love you!


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