Tuesday, February 5, 2019

It's All In The Choosing - Phrase for the Year

I am long past feeling guilty over not making resolutions as in the typical January routine of making and breaking promises to yourself.

What I am not so successful in is pushing past that niggling feeling in the back of my brain that occurs when someone enthusiastically announces their word or phrase for the year.

It happens all over FaceBook and various blogs. I've always viewed it as another form of resolution. And I've never had luck or will power or whathaveyou with resolutions. Perhaps because the perfectionist in me gets overwhelmed with the magnitude of my resolutions and it all comes crashing down before I even begin. I also tend to feel boxed in to one. more. thing. I. must. accomplish.


Though I wasn't looking for a word or phrase in which to apply as a framework for my year, Jenny, from Jenny On the Spot, DID choose one. Her subsequent blog post had me thinking about this topic a bit more than normal. You can read her post by clicking here.

About the same time, read a meme online that talked about life being hard. Real hard. Life is hard when we know we have to make a change. Life can also be hard when we stay the same. Most of the time, I am pretty comfortable staying in my zone, no sudden lane changes, no big life decisions, etc. Adrenaline tends to not be my friend. I'm just sayin'.

And then about a year ago, I began thinking (again, more seriously this time) about some lifestyle changes that I need to make. I fretted. I ignored. I planned. I put it all on the back burner. And then I decided to go for it, knowing that it will be one of the most physically and emotionally demanding courses I will ever undertake.

The details aren't important for this particular post. Suffice it to say: I can let myself stay stuck and life can continue to be hard. Or I can make some hard changes, but move forward and come out better for it on the other side. I had to choose my hard.

 Staying the same:  SUPER HARD


I usually shy away from the difficult things. It takes a long time for me to get to the point where I'm ready to make a change. I'm not a risk taker. I am honest enough to say that I'm insecure when it comes to making decisions of a BIG nature.

Last July, I chose my hard. And staying the same was not the option I chose. The last six months have been full of preparation. The next six months, in order to see that decision through, will be the most difficult part. And the changes have long lasting repercussions. Mostly good, but repercussions just the same.

I think I will create a great big poster that says: CHOOSE YOUR HARD. I need to hang in where I can see it every morning.

The phrase sounds funny, I know. But if I am to see this through properly, it's a choice I am going to have to make over and over again. Maybe COMMIT TO YOUR HARD is a better way to explain it at this point, but I like the other phrasing better. More succinct.

There you have it. It's not very spiritual, that's for sure, but I do feel like this may jump start other areas in which I need to grow. Maybe.

Let's not get too crazy right outta the gate, tho.  ;)


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