Saturday, April 28, 2018

Decisions, Decisions - Thoughts After Wordsowers Conference 2018

The Wordsowers Christian Writers Conference ended this evening. What a wonderful weekend for fellowship with other writers. It was fun and overwhelming for this introvert. I came home and immediately crashed. I would be zonked out and in bed if I didn't have kids that need me -- ha!

I received great feedback for my children's book, David's Little Donkey from a talented writer of children's books. I have some decisions to make in order to move forward. For example, the book is twice as long as a picture book should be, but not long enough for a chapter book. So, either, I cut half of my word count or I double the word count and drop the dream of having written a picture book.

Eeks. Arg. Sigh.

I CAN edit my work. In fact, I have a draft of the story where I cut it to about 1,000 words. And the story just feels "okay."  Nothing special. Kinda ordinary. I wish I had brought that draft to the conference and gotten feedback on that version as well. I felt like I had to cut out my style of writing in order to do it, so it was sad for me. I don't really want to write ordinary. If I keep my style of writing, I will have to double my word count and not have big beautiful pictures.

So decisions, decisions . . .

At least, I have been given reassurance that my writing is strong and I have a good balance of dialogue, description and action. Yay!



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  1. Anonymous4/30/2018

    Try it both ways and see which one feels better. I know you can do it!


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