Thursday, January 11, 2018

Decorating for the Holidays

5 Ways to Decorate Your Small Space or Studio Apartment for Christmas

Though Christmas 2017 is over, dear reader, it's never too early to think about ideas for NEXT Christmas. Yes, I am talking Christmas 2018! And why not? However, if you have a small space, then you probably put a premium on what you want to display and how you display your decorations.

Regardless of what you believe or how you celebrate the holidays, it’s hard to be a Scrooge or a Grinch around Christmastime. With the twinkling lights everywhere, loads of parties, good foods, and great shopping deals, and the chill of winter, it’s a challenge to keep the Christmas spirit at bay. And, really, who would want to fight it?  Christmas décor is often dependent upon how much space you have. Here are a few suggestions to decorate your studio apartment or small space for Christmas.

Go with a Small Tabletop Tree for Your Countertop

Chances are, you have a countertop or a small bar where you prep and have your meals. Or, maybe it’s just a convenient place to throw your mail. Either way, this countertop is the prime location for a short, small, fake tree. Think 3-feet and smaller. You could decorate with little lights, tiny ornaments, and ribbons of your favorite colors. Or, opt for a pre-decorated Christmas tree with fiber-optic branches that cast rainbow glows on your apartment walls.

DIY a Wreath for Your Apartment Door, Interior or Exterior

Wreaths are easy to DIY, especially with the abundance of online tutorials. Pick a few of your fave colors and Christmas objects, like red berries, holly, and a big red bow. Then get creative with a cool wreath for your apartment door, either interior or exterior.

Hang Fairy Lights Around Your Windows or Above Your Bed

Fairy lights come in an array of gorgeous colors, and you can string them up anywhere. For Christmas, go with the ones that sparkle and twinkle. Deck your windowsills and above your bed, as the lights emit a soft glow that will likely lull you to a peaceful sleep. Or, in the same vein of the window ideas, you could snag some festive waterproof stickers to adhere to your windowpanes.

Go Ahead and Wrap Presents for Your Designated Christmas Corner

 If you’ve designated a Christmas corner for your apartment, go ahead and wrap a few gifts. Even if
those gifts are for yourself. Festive wrapping paper is often enough to get you in the mood for the holidays. The sparkles, glitter, and fun patterns add a super dose of cute to your minimal Christmas décor.

Hang Any Christmas Cards Your Receive

If your family and friends send out Christmas cards every year, pin them up in a doorway or on a designated Christmas wall. This will be your little area of cheer and holiday spirit. Read them often to uplift your mood. And don’t forget to send a few back to reciprocate the love and care to the people that mean the most.

While receiving and giving presents is an awesome Christmas tradition, decorating is more so amazing because it restores that childhood wonder that you once held for the holidays. You can feel it as excitement and giddiness in your heart. THAT is the Christmas spirit that you should aim for with your apartment’s holiday décor, however minimal and simple.


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