Sunday, September 3, 2017

Our Weakness, His Strength

You know those "Ah-ha!" moments, right? Where your ears perk up, your heart skips a beat and maybe even the hairs on the back of your neck rise . . .

Well, I'm not talking about that kind of  "ah-ha". I'm talkin' about the soft elbow nudges we feel. The small reminders. The sudden connection that is made when a quiet, heartfelt conversation with a friend helps you to fit a piece of truth and real life together. Yep, those kinds of moments.

Had two of those with two different dear friends this week about the same subject: Weakness. More specifically, not wanting to show weakness. We have this idea that showing any kind of weakness somehow feels like we've been defeated. Or that we are "less than." Less than someone else. Less than what others expect of us. Less than what we expect for ourselves. Less than we were meant to be.

Here's the deal: we live in a world where we get a front row seat to everyone else's highlight reel. Yup, their perfect children, vacation and ministry are caught on camera or eulogized in poetic status updates. And here we sit only seeing our blooper reel:  the mismatched kitchen chairs, the many unrealized dreams nagging at the back of your mind and only 2 out of your 3 children have managed to shower and brush their teeth on a regular basis this week.

Not that I am speaking of anyone in particular in the above example . . . A-hem.

One dear friend shared with me that she was struggling with the many curve balls life has thrown at her. She doesn't like to show weakness or have to ask for help. Raise your hand if you have been there, done that.  ::raising my hand and waving wildly::

And the other friend reminded me that it's in our weakness that His strength is seen by others.

"And he said unto me, 'My grace is sufficient for thee. For my strength is made perfect in weakness.' Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities that the power of Christ may rest upon me." 2Cor 12:9

Whoa. Did you catch that? Paul would rather revel in his weakness so that he could have Christ's power upon him. Christ's Power!

We have many weaknesses. ::again with the hand waving wildly::

We could pitch a fit and blame Adam and Eve or we can choose to do what Paul did. We can glory in our weakness and infirmities, knowing that's where God meets us and shines through.

It's in our vulnerabilities and our failures that God is revealed to others and ourselves. If we could do it all wonderfully, we wouldn't have a need for Him. Denying that is denying God a chance to fill us, and to work in and through us. If we were without weakness, then God wouldn't need to work and move and perform miracles. He would be superfluous. Extraneous. Unnecessary. Incidental. Redundant, even. Let's not even go there, dear friend . . .

He is Supreme. Essential. Integral. Constitutive. All the time, but especially in our weakness.

Is it fun to admit weakness? Nah, not even a little bit. But there's comfort in the fact that it's in those moments that God works the most beautiful, miraculous things. We become the vessel of his glory. We recede and His radiance pours out of us.

I want that. Forget what the world considers success. Forget the bucket lists. Forget raising the perfect child. I wanna be empty enough so that there's a whole lotta room to be filled up by Him. Only then will His glory and love overflow so that others are a witness to who He is:  Faithful. Loving. Just. Powerful. Eternal. Perfect.

Lord, let it be.


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