Monday, September 11, 2017

My Favorite Things - Sept 2017 Edition

Dear Reader, how I love to share my favorite things with you. I can gush about the temporal things that don't mean much compared to the eternal, but in the here and now, they bring a bit of joy. As always, my favorites are not sponsored and I have not received compensation. I just love 'em.

Let the joy commence!

I have a love hate/relationship with perfume. I am pretty picky about scents, especially ones that end up on my skin. No thank you to the florals like rose, lavender and gardenia. Ick. Uh, uh to the smells of linen, and the like. I prefer citrus generally speaking. And my dad's aftershave from when I was a kid. Oh goodness does Old Spice and Aqua Velva take me back to comforting times. As a side note, I was in Goodwill last week and a gentleman near me, wearing a suit, smelled of Old Spice. I wanted to throw my arms around his neck and breathe deeply. Not having time for a stint in jail that particular day, kept me at bay. My fellow unsuspecting male shopper, if he only knew, would thank me for refraining, I am sure.

But I have found something that has ended all my search for the perfect perfume. Behold, CLEAN White Woods:

Oh Mylanta, it smells good! And, yes it's floral, but not your typical floral. Now, I must be honest. I bought a discounted rollerball duo of Clean White Woods and Clean Skin. I love both scents, but White Woods I am reserving for special occasions.  Since I cannot seem to find it in the rollerball style anymore, I am hoarding it. Frankly, $72 for a 2oz bottle is a bit more than this gal wants to splurge. Rest assured, it is worth every penny. Thankfully, Clean Skin is still readily available at a price I am willing to pay. It has become my everyday scent.


My hair is pin straight. When I was perming my hair (7th through 12th grades - no use denying it since there is plenty photographic evidence), the stylist would have to leave the perm solution on way longer than anyone she'd ever encountered. She worked hard for her tip, lemme tell ya. Having said that, it will be no surprise when you learn that the next item on my favorite's list is L'Orreal's BOOST IT high lift creation spray.

A swift pass with this bad boy and your hair will stand on end if you want it to. I usually desire just a little lift around my crown and this does the job beautifully. Yes, you get stiffness, but a quick brush through with your fingers takes care of that. Oh, happy day!

My list would not be complete without a proper mention of chocolate in some form. If I am predictable, so be it. Mama needs Jesus, chocolate and coffee. In that order. And if there is caramel thrown in to the chocolate, I cannot resist. I will not resist. Hello Halo Top!

How can anyone turn down ice cream with protein in it? It's all natural, has no artificial sweeteners, no corn syrup and no synthetic growth hormones. Their Chocolate flavor has very few ingredients as compared to other brands and it's sweetened with erythritol, which has low glycemic impact. Sure there is some controversy over erythritol. I ignore it. But don't ignore this brand of ice cream. I have also had the oatmeal cookie flavor -- a nice change of pace. Next to try is the Salted Caramel because the only thing better than chocolate, is, you guessed it, caramel mixed in. Oh, I mentioned that already? Sorry. Not sorry.

So there you have it. Share in the comments your current favorite things. They don't have to be perfumes, chocolates or hair spray, of course!


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