Monday, August 21, 2017

A Lunch Encounter of the Anomalous Kind

Had a funny situation happen today at lunch and had to share.

I took my 14 year old daughter (The Affectionate One) to Olive Garden, her go-to lunch destination. The boys were out with friends on a special excursion to watch the solar eclipse. My girl had volleyball practice and couldn't go with them, so we had our own fun. Anyway . . .

Our waiter was pretty good looking (blush) and he was working particularly hard for a nice tip (he got one). There were jokes. There were compliments. There was an arm casually slung around the back of my side of the booth as he leaned in close. There was a wink when he offered to bring me wine with my lunch (um, nah, thanks anyway).

Afterward, my girl asked, "Mom. How come every time the waiter came by, you got all weird? What--did you think he was cute or something? Ew!"

I should have known that she would be quick to comment. I tend to be pretty transparent. "Well, I mean, yeah he was nice looking, but every time he leaned on the side of the booth, he leaned way close into me in kind of a conspiratorial manner."

"So? He was really nice. What was the problem?"

"Well, it's been along time since anyone has done anything like that. So, it was a teeny bit awkward."

She blinked a couple of times. Her stared became pronounced. She slowly closed her eyes and opened them again in another hard stare. "First of all mom, that's really sad. And more importantly, what does 'conspiratorial' mean?"

Oh, daughter . . .

Joyfully and with chagrin,

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