Thursday, February 23, 2017

Race to Win Review and Giveaway

 Well, the chickadees, two out of three of them, and I watched "Race to Win" the other night (read on to see how you can enter to win your very own copy here on  It was pretty much what you would expect of a family movie.  There were no surprises.  No surprises in plot, dialogue, language or characterizations.

Though I would not call this a Christian movie, it certainly has positive themes and encouragement to do your best and persevere.  It also reinforces the value of family unity.  Most of the scenes containing the father happen after his death, leaving the audience to decide just exactly how that happens.  No explanation is offered by the movie.  While it seems harmless enough (and we see this type of thing all the time in movies), I did have a brief conversation with my kids reminding them that this is not how life and death actually works.  I do not recall a single objectionable word or scene -- unless a couple of very mild bar scenes with minimal drinking is not your cup of tea.  This is a pretty safe movie for families to watch together.  Perhaps it's best for families with younger children or older children who haven't been exposed to anything beyond mild, animated movies, namely. 

For my tween and teen, and myself for that matter, the movie was slowly paced and the characters were poorly developed.   I don't need "Transformer Movie speed" to be entertained, though that would be my children's preference at this point, but I do appreciate a well-paced movie.  And I would not have minded a movie that was a tad bit longer so that the characters were developed better.  A plot twists or two would have been nice also.  Perhaps this was not the intent of the writer and director in the first place.  The main character, Hannah, has a limited character arc and shows the most range in acting.  Even the most well known actor, Luke Perry, seemed like he was merely putting in time on the set. But then, I never found him a particularly great actor anyway. Cute, but not a terrifically gifted actor.  ;)

Synopsis and **Spoiler Alert **
After the surprising death of her father, Hannah must figure out a way to save the family farm. Everyone, except Hannah, is sure that the way to round up the money needed to pay off the impatient loan shark circling the property is for her to enter a horse race and win the prize money. 

I have seen many movies of this type.  This particular movie did not give into the unlikely scenario of her winning the money, as other movies tend to do.  One of my children actually commented at the time of the race that the race was happening way too early in the movie for the audience to believe she was going to win. I thought that was an insightful comment for a kid.  And it mirrored my thoughts exactly.

It was not an unpleasant way to spend the hour and a half and it did have positive elements, mentioned earlier.  It just wasn't quite our speed of movie, nor a story-line that we found engaging.  My oldest, 15, refused to watch yet "another horse movie."  Perhaps we've watched a few too many . . .

If a mild-mannered, predictable movie with positive elements sounds just right for your family, please comment below (or on the previous post about this movie) that you watched the trailer for "Race to Win," linked here.  This giveaway will end Sunday, February 26th, 2017.  I will announce the winner shortly thereafter.

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