Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Lost Hour Excuse

Well, here it is March 7th and time to spring the clocks forward. The only good thing about that sentence is the word, "spring." Would be better if it was "Spring," of course. I am so ready for Spring. It hasn't been an altogether harsh winter. In fact, we didn't get much snow until early February. My kids are a bit upset over not getting to ride sleds more than a twice. But I am ready for Spring anyway.

I suppose one could argue that technically we aren't REALLY losing an hour since we "gained" one last fall, but it sure seems that way. Tell my body that it isn't losing an hour and you'll get an argument right back. Last fall was the first time I really felt the time change. Must have something to do with age . . . I'll leave that comment right there for now. Ha! It does make me wonder how losing an hour will affect me this year though.

Seems I could have gotten quite a bit done with that hour. Methinks it's a good scapegoat opportunity . . .

I know!

I could blame not being particularly productive this evening on the fact that we lost an hour.

Yep, in that lost hour I could have given myself a (much needed) pedicure.

I could have finished up my taxes.

I could have looked for that book that I have been trying to read for the past two weeks.

I could have worked out.

My, my. See what that lost hour cost me? I've been robbed of all these wonderful things!  Pretty toenails, a small deposit into my checking account and slimmer thighs. Will these first world problems never cease?

Counting it all joy anyway.

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