Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Match Made in Heaven: Pairing the Rustic with the Romantic

Y'all. Seriously. Y'all.

I am a flurry of contradicting hobbies, interests and -- evidently -- dialects.

 It seems my writing has gone "south" because it was perfectly natural for me to write "y'all" -- twice even. I'd say blame it on my roots, but I am from up north. Can a measly nine months in Texas three and a half years ago have something to do with that?  I have tried to say "y'all" out loud, in gen-u-ine conversation, but it comes across so, so aWkwArd-liKe.  I occasionally can get away with it when I am trying to get my kids' attention, but other than that, goodness, it just feels weird.  

Another contradiction is my love for formal style home furnishings and rustic style (not to be confused with lodge style or cutesy-woodsy -- I think I just made that last one up).  The marrying of formal and not-so-much makes me giddy with excitement.

via country girl home

Please notice the formal lines of the wall, frames and entry table.  Yet it's all toned down with rustic touches:  the informal glassware, scuffed paint, suitcases and chicken wire in the frame.  I suppose most would call this style shabby chic.  However, since I was once unceremoniously informed that shabby chic is so "last decade,"  I prefer to call it Rustic Romance.  Uh, huh.  Rustic Romance is the new shabby chic.  And you can quote me on that . . . 

 So in light of my love for all things rustic and romantic (and due to the practicality of my nature), I have put in a special request with God to have the following installed in my mansion in Glory.  Because we all know it ain't happenin' in this lifetime.  Of course, it may be easier to link you to my Pinterest board

Ah well, let's just dive in, shall we?

What is more romantic than a gigantic puddle of perfectly pink sheers gracing a lovely window?  Answer: nothing. Absolutely nothing, my friend.

The thought of all this artistry waiting to be discovered above the heads of the room's occupants makes my heart sing uncontrollably. 

I am usually a silver frame kind of gal, but this would be in my cart in a second if I could manage it.  It's not so much the mirror itself, but the mirror paired with the lights that does it for me.  I am a sucker for twinkle lights.  Twinkle lights make everything seem magical.

I'd have some of these in a box like this in every room of the house, make no mistake!  ::sigh::

 One can never go wrong with sturdy, beautifully carved wooden french doors.  And the topiary plants are the icing on the cake.  Fits my love of all things rustic and all things formal nicely.  Tie it up in a big red ribbon and put it under my pillow, please.  Or outside on the east facing wall, because you know, nature likes to be . . . well, outside.

These are just a few of my favorite rustic romance ideas.  You can check out my Pinterest board for more ideas if this style appeals to you as well. 

And while we're at it:  I'd like to order me up one of these for THIS lifetime because A) it's red and
2) it's "Y'all" with cowboy boots. 'Nuff said, right?

What are your decorating preferences?  Traditional?  Contemporary? Eclectic?  GoodWill Boutique?  Share them in the comments so we can all enjoy!  Have a Pinterest board devoted to your style?  Link up in the comments! 

Counting it all joy,

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