Monday, February 4, 2013

Home School and Feather Boas DO Mix!

I always wanted to be an actress. 

 I think I just wanted to be famous, really. To have adoring fans. Sign autographs. Wear funky sunglasses and dramatically throw my feathered boa over my well-toned shoulder.

Well, I got the funky sunglasses part down to a T.

And recently I acquired a peacock colored feather boa. Alas, it now resides in The Affectionate One's dress up pile. Which coincidentally seems to also be her dirty clothes/"I'll get to it later, I promise, Mom!" pile.

*cue crickets*

Did I randomly go shopping for a peacock colored boa? Not me. Such a frivolous purchase?


Actually, I was asked to play the role of Mrs. Peacock in a real-life version of the classic game, Clue. My cousin's talented daughter wrote the script and developed the rules for a group of home schooled teens that meet at our church once a month. Oh, my goodness, dear reader! What fun!

All the parts were played by the parents of home schoolers. I never realized how fun and cohesive home school parents can be -- Who knew? 


Are we quirky? Um yeah, but who isn't?

Do some of us have outlandish ideas of protecting our children from secular world views?  Bullying?  Drugs?  Peer pressure?  Right on all counts.

Are many of us trying to guide our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord so that they can go out and be effective in the world? You better believe it.

Am I a fanatic who's trying to convince everyone to become a home school parent?  Not my agenda at all. 

Unless of course you want to live out those childhood dreams of being an actress and wearing a feather boa.

Counting it all joy to be a home school mom,

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