Monday, March 5, 2012

Mish-Mash Monday

Oops. Here it is, MONDAY and I almost forgot about posting Mish Mash Monday! Let's get to it, shall we?

Let's see . . . my in-laws are visiting this week and we've had such a good time with them.  Family is a blessing.  

Tomorrow we are going to the rodeo in Houston.  Shhhhhh . . . Don't tell my chickadees' teachers!  Actually, they know because my kids were too excited about it to not tell their teachers.

We tried a new (to us) Mexican restaurant.  La Mariposa.  Yum.  The pico left a little something to be desired, but everything else was excellent, so it didn't really matter.  And, I must confess that I am a teensy bit particular about my pico.  Cilantro, anyone?

And on an unrelated note (a-hem), I may not eat for the next three days.  I'm just sayin'.

What is on Jubilee's cluttered kitchen table?  I am so glad you asked.

-- A Styrofoam cup of ice water

-- My knitting basket

--  A board game, Ticket to Ride.  

-- An empty box that used to house the heated foot massager that we will be taking back to the Wal-Marts on the morrow.

-- Elbows that belong to The Calm One and The Cruise Director.  One is doing homework and the other is catching up on all his Words with Friends games.  I bet you can guess which is which.

-- White out.  It is sitting closer to the laptop than it is the homework pages.  Hmmm . . . wonder how THAT is working out . . .

Counting it all joy,

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