Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Fixed Gaze, Coming Right Up!

It's week nine or so of our Dave Ramsey/Financial Peace University classes. I have learned quite a bit and, as a result, feel more empowered than ever to make sound financial choices. What a blessing it has been.

Tonight's class was focused on investing. A topic I knew less than zero about before tonight. Now I know a bit more and am happy about that -- excited even. The Calm One and I are not in the place yet where we can invest, but it's good to have such knowledge for later on down the road.  Because someday we wanna get there.

Dave made a great point early in tonight's lesson and it made me perk up and listen a bit more than what I may have done had he not mentioned it. He wanted us to remember to look forward to where you want to be. To not look down at where we are and get stuck there.

I am not a skier, but I understand that when a person is learning to ski, they are advised to look up and out over the water -- especially if they are making a jump. You look down, then that's where you are going -- DOWN! We have been created in such a way that where ever we are looking, that's the way we tend to go.

Not a skier either?  Well, ever been driving, something catches your eye and before you know it, the car is headed right out of your lane and toward that object?  I sure have.  Yikes!

Philippians says we are to "press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus." Sounds a lot like the advice of fixing our gaze on what we want to accomplish, doesn't it?

Counting it all joy,

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