Monday, February 20, 2012

Mish-Mash Monday

Mish-Mash Monnnnnnndaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!

Had an interview today for a proctoring position.  It's the first interview I've been offered in the 30+ applications/resumes I've put out there since the beginning of the year.

The interview went pretty well and I am inclined to take the position, though it is very few hours, if they offer it to me.  The commute is a long one and through some Houston traffic that I dread, but money is money.  And no one else is banging down my door to offer me a job.


We have officially been without cable/satellite for an entire week.  That is not to say we've been without viewing options.  We have eased our transition by trying the Netflix free trial.  Though initially disappointed with the offerings, I have come to terms with the narrow selection and found a few shows to watch.

It helps that a person can get current season shows via the internet.  I heard that The Amazing Race has started and I am eagerly awaiting it's arrival on the 'net.  I also cannot yet give up Castle, nor The Biggest Loser.  

Though, I must admit, that this season of The Biggest Loser has one of the most tiresome casts of all time.  It's also been one of the least inspiring seasons of all time.  In fact, I've never eaten more while watching The Biggest Loser.  

I usually tear up a time or two and feel motivated to exercise more after each episode.  Not this time.  The "drama" has never felt more forced.  And one cast member in particular, has me wishing someone would shove a dumbbell down her throat and put us all out of our misery.  

I am even getting a bit *sigh* weary of Bob's complaining.  And I love Bob.  I would trample over anyone in my way to have Bob as a trainer.  Even for three minutes of his time.  True, this season has been a rough one for him, but c'mon!  When Bob is tired of Bob, then you know things aren't good.

And yet,  I'd hate to see the series tank because of one lame season.


What's on Jubilee's cluttered kitchen table?

- a syrup bottle (pancakes for dinner always gets cheers)

- two used cups

- a pen

- and The Cruise Director's glasses (which is okay, since he's in bed)

Yahoo!  Not so bad this week!

Unfortunately, the kitchen sink is a whole 'nuther matter altogether . . .

Counting it all joy,

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