Monday, February 13, 2012

Mish-Mash Monday

Is it Monday, again? Already? 

Where DID the weekend go?  Where did last week go, for that matter?  The Calm One had the week off and it flew by so quickly, that I could have sworn last week only had two days in it instead of seven.  Huh . . .

Anyway, I am feeling a bit lighter today.  No, I didn't lose any weight (I wish).  But I made a decision that will affect me and my family for the good.  I finally put an end to a situation that was incredibly toxic.  It was choking the life out of me because of the stress.  I didn't realize how toxic the situation was until I eradicated it for good.  I really can't be more specific than that, other to say that a burden has been lifted.  

The huge albatross has flown away.  The anchor has been raised.  The sails hoisted and the wind feels good on my face!

There will be consequences that I will have to deal with, for sure.  And it's effects will be long lasting.  People I love will not understand and could possibly be hurt since they won't or will refuse to understand.  But sometimes you have to ask for grace from them to trust you because you are doing what is right for your family.  

Soooo . . . "Grace, please!"  I held on for so long because of fear of those repercussions, but no more.  Take me or leave me.  Love me or not . . .

I have letitgoooooooo!


Tomorrow the chickadees have their Valentine's Day parties.  At least, the two younger ones.  Do intermediate school kids have parties still?  I have not heard one way or the other from the school and The Cruise Director has indicated no interest when I bring it up.  Hope he's not disappointed come tomorrow.

So, we are in the midst of Valentine's Day card making.  Actually, they are more like postcards.  And "we" is really "me."  But isn't that the way it goes sometimes?  The cards we are making look very much like this

Both my daughter and my son approved this message Valentine and it seems suitable for boys and for girls.  The idea is to have your child write something nice in the speech bubble about the person to whom they are giving the Valentine.  We are going to add a teeny packet of sour pop rocks to the card also.  Dollar Store approved.  Mother approved.  Child approved.  It doesn't get any better than that.


Let's see . . . what is on Jubilee's cluttered kitchen table this afternoon?!

-- THE book manuscript.  Just when you thought you were done editing and could give it a rest . . . dum-dum--DUM!

-- A cup of lukewarm masala chai.  I've been typing so much, I've forgotten to drink it!

-- Two laptops, only one of which is being used presently.

-- A pair of newly purchased ultra fashionable (sah-weet!) sunglasses, thanks to a Lane Bryant gift certificate and a generous neighbor.

-- Two cell phones.  Both of which probably need to be charged, but neither of which are connected to the charger.

Well, that's my Mish-Mash Monday.  How about yours?

Counting it all cluttered joy,


  1. Sounds like Monday is treating you nicely.

    So glad the garbage is gone. :)

  2. Oh, I made it look THAT good, did I? lol


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