Thursday, January 12, 2012

Would Someone Make Up My Mind For Me Already?

I am so joyful (and relieved) to know that God has enough grace and mercy to cover my mistakes. Even when I don't know I've made them.

Being a mom is tough.  This is not news, I do recognize that fact.

The Internet is a wonderful thing. I say that because it has been making me wonder quite a bit lately if I stack up.  Comparison is not such a wonderful thing.  And yet, it happens.


I visit Pinterest and find so many healthy recipes that I'd like to try some day.  I have tried several, but there are so many out there, that it makes me shudder when Mac & Cheese sits on our dinner table yet again.

I glance over Face Book and see all the things my friends and their families are doing.  Maybe we should take up letter boxing.  I should be gearing up for another 5K.  And oh, I forgot to send out that condolence card.

I read a blog or two and find out that soy is bad for you.  Not that I was ever tempted to try tofu, but do you know soy is in just about everything?  And under the guise of many, many different names?  More labels to read and more multi syllabic chemicals to avoid.

Am I a bad mother, I wonder, since I refuse to pay 3Xs as much for Nutella than for regular old peanut butter?  Especially since my chickadees eat an entire jar in half the time a jar of peanut butter would sit in the pantry?  Should I be giving my children probiotics instead of vitamins?  And now, juice is said to have arsenic in it.  Did I unwittingly flirt with Autism when I had my children vaccinated?

I guess this is why we pray over our food and plead with The Almighty during bedtime prayers to protect our children.  And here I thought it was a matter of showing reverence and gratitude.  Even our prayers seem so much more complicated these days.

I am so glad that not only does His blood cover all our sins, but his grace and mercy covers my mistakes, my ignorance and my lack of energy.   It's a big job covering all of that.

And I thought being a mom was hard.

Counting it all joy,


  1. I love this! I think every mom has worried about all this at one time or another.

  2. You are probably right, Debbie. Good to know I am not alone.

    It feels cathartic to just get in down "on paper," though, don't you think?

    Thanks for commenting!


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