Monday, January 9, 2012

Words That Have Become Words, But Shouldn't Have

The Pioneer Woman asked today, 

Here's what I think: "Orientate" is not a word. Correct? Or is it one of those words that isn't a word but became a word?

She is sooooo-ohhhh-ooohhhh correct. Orientate is not a word, but a group of letters that someone put together because they thought it sounded like a word.  And then, more people picked up on it.  And then more and more, and MORE!  Acccckkkkkkk!

If you are curious, here is my emphatic response to her Twitter outcry.

Commentate is another popular "word" that is often used.  And out in public!  Gulp!  The correct word to use is comment. I realize that there is a large incorrect group of people who believe that commentators commentate, but sadly, they do not. They comment.  And while we are on the subject:  it is my belief that sports commentators comment way too much.  Waaaaay too much.  But, that's could just be bitter me.

Instantaneous and Instantaneously.  You can find these in the dictionary.  And they are not strictly incorrect.  However, I seem to have fallen into a pet peeve mode, so I am going with it.

(I am actually in a very good mood.  I have no idea why this has come up today of all days.  But I am committed now.)

Instant and Instantly are correct.  Instantaneous and Instantaneously are, I believe, made up words to try to convey a greater sense of urgency than the words Instant and Instantly.  Ridiculous.  Nothing can be faster than instant, right?!  Right?!

And then we have those who like to use "more instantaneous."  ugh.  It's enough to put this English major in an early grave.

Next on the list is my biggest pet peeve.  It is also not strictly an incorrect word, but two words that when used together, is incorrect.  "But yet."  Saying that phrase is like saying "but, but"  Redundant.  And completely annoying.  It is correct to say "and yet."  Let's all make Jubilee a promise, okay?  Try really, really hard to not say this phrase EVER again, m'kay?  Thankyouverymuch!

Well, there are more letters that people use together because they think they are words, but I'll stop.  Besides, I am afraid I lost most of you at my "But yet" rampage.  *sigh*

What words do people use that give you the heebie jeebies?

Counting it all wordy joy,

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