Thursday, January 19, 2012

Editing and Then More Editing and Then . . .

I have finished the editing that my novel needed so desperately. I wasn't aware, at first that it needed so much attention. I felt good about my writing. And then, I let it sit and marinate, so to speak.

Maybe I marinated.

At any rate, I did some blog hopping and found out a couple of ways that I could make my writing even stronger. Back to the drawing board computer screen.  It felt like drudgery at first.  I was disappointed that my first, second third draft was so, so, sucky.

I hate that word.  It's abominable.  I do not let my children use any form of that word.  But there really isn't another word that describes it better.  Truly.  It stank.  See?  Just not the same effect.

And then, as I trudged through, I began to get excited about my story again.

Because of the changes, the pace of the story picked up and the action felt more immediate, dynamic, more alive.  I was more alive.  And it felt gooooood!

I know there is a lot of work yet to be done.  I need an editor who will work for free cheap.  And I need an agent who will guide me through the next steps.  Even if those next steps are more editing.  I already know there will be more editing and writing involved.  And I am up for it.  Because I've fallen in love with my story all over again.

But it's there.  Ready for eyes other than my own (and the eyes of the sweetest, most self-sacrificing aunt anyone could ever have -- Thank you, Aunt Mary!).

And now I have posted the "it's ready" post.  And that fact makes it all so much more concrete than anything else I've done in the last seven months.

Eek!  Maybe I should go through it one more time.  Just in case . . .

Counting it all nervous and jittery joy,

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