Thursday, January 5, 2012

Better Late Than Christmassy Never

I am just gettin around to catching up with some of my favorite craft blogs. Seems I've missed some great Christmas stuff. I will be finling these ideas away for next year. Which, at this moment means I will be pinning them to Pinterest so as to not lose the ideas in the rather clumsily categorized bookmark/favorites on my laptop's toolbar!

 I adore this red burlap wreath.  Little Birdie Secrets has so many neat ideas. I love many kinds of wreaths to be perfectly honest.  And if it is red, it's a bonus.  Don't know where I can find red burlap, but something tells me that if I wait until closer to Christmas 2012, then I will have more success.

And then there is this gem.  This is also by Little Birdie Secrets.  It's a simple thrift store frame, painted white.  Add some sheet music and a berry wreath.  You can pin your Christmas cards to it or leave it as it is.  Lovely.

I am also planning on trying my hand at making these peppermint marshmallow straws from Mad in Crafts.  My chickadees enjoy marshmallows more than just about anything else (Unless it's M&Ms).  These would be quick and easy and you can do a bunch in a short amount of time.

All these great ideas make me wish for Christmas all over again.  Not sure how that is even possible since this Christmas practically wore me out.  And if you remember, I was all about skipping the stress of Christmas .  Or at least as close as I could get to a stress-free Christmas!

Counting it all late Christmassy joy,


  1. the holidays has kept many bloggers away. thanks for stopping by. I am following your blog.

  2. Thanks for stopping by to comment! I am returning the favor by following your blog too.


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