Friday, December 2, 2011

Whitney Houston Ain't Got Nothin' On Me

"I believe that children are our future . . ."

Sing with me, now . . . "Teach them well and let them lead the way . . ."

Okay, okay, let's stop there -- you are out-singing me.

I had a great childhood.  My brother and I spent many summers at my aunt's house.  She has four boys.  And she had woods to explore.  And a junior sized Olympic pool.  And flashlights for everyone.

You may remember that I have mentioned our endless games of  German Spotlight.  We also spent countless days in the pool perfecting our dives, cannonballs and jumps off of the cabana roof into the pool.  Not that I ever jumped off the cabana roof, mind you . . .

On one particularly rainy day, we were momentarily at a loss for what to do.  I started singing Whitney Houston's Greatest Love of All.  I had snuck the cassette tape out of my parents' room and listened to it the night before.  Memorizing all the words to the song.  A taboo cassette because there were love songs on it that were evidently too grown up for my 14 yr old ears.  

Anyway, my cousin and I decided to rewrite the words to that song to make it more Christian.  At least a 14 yr old version of Christian.  We knew that the Greatest Love of All wasn't love of ourselves, but God's love.  And we wanted the song to reflect that.

We spent the entire day writing and rewriting and singing aloud to the contraband cassette tape while we were holed up in his room so as to not get caught.  Oh, the fear of getting caught was high, dear reader.  It could mean no cherry crunch dessert after dinner, no swimming or German Spotlight for the next sunny day -- or the next week!   


It wasn't long before we had our siblings gathered around us, trying to help and generally being a nuisance.  So, there we were singing our little pre-teen and teenage hearts out when our moms came into the room.  


They didn't know whether to be pleased that we were christianizing a Whitney song or horrified that yours truly had swiped it and brought it into my aunt's house, defiling my cousins as I did so.  They decided to be pleased because after listening to our version and seeing that all six cousins were actually getting along:  bonus!


Yay for Whitney!  Yay for alternate lyrics! 

We must not have been worse for the experience because my fellow lyric changer and my brother are both pastors.  My oldest cousin is an eye doctor and my two younger cousins are a cop and a teacher.  All serving the Lord.

Wonder what Whitney Houston is up to these days?

What song lyrics have you intentionally (or unintentionally) altered?

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