Thursday, December 1, 2011

What should have gotten done, but didn't and what did get done, but wished I'd spent time doing something else.

I had planned for it to be a day of working on my novel-in-progress. And then --


Reality hit. Ever have a day where you just know that you know you HAVE to do one particular thing and then approximately 978 other things come screeching at your proverbial doorstep?

Uh, huh. Me too.

While I didn't get much writing/rewriting/editing/fretting over story details done, I did manage to do:

* right around 6.25 loads of laundry.  It's always that .25 that gets me -- should I go ahead and do the .25 load or wait until a full load?  What would YOU do, dear reader?  And, Joanna, I didn't even have to wash anything by hand!

* empy, reload, run and empty the dishwasher.  We have an apartment.  Therefore we have an apartment sized dishwasher.  With five family members, I am running the dishwasher everyday and often more than once.  Perhaps I should go back to washing dishes by hand.

Um, yeah, like THAT is going to happen.

* clearing off the dining table.  LOL that is so funny to me because we only have one table.  We have one table and a gazillion names for it:  dining table, kitchen table, craft table, homework desk, computer desk . . . It is really the catch all table, but we don't call it that.  And honestly, it's mostly referred to as, "I said to 'CLEAN YOUR JUNK OFF THE TABLE!'"

* make/answer phone calls.  We don't have a home phone, only our cell phones.  The phone hardly ever rings.  Yay!  But guess what?  On the day that I planned to carve out a chunk of writing time, yep.  You guessed it.  Gah!

* clean up all the pine needles.  We put up our artificial tree last night.  Well, The Calm One and the kids did -- and the poor thing is shedding something fierce.  The tree, not my husband.  Just for clarification -- and because EEEEEWWWWW.  My back went out yesterday morning and I mostly just grinned from the sidelines.  I grinned in a huge effort to not micro manage.  They did a great job.  For a guy and three kids ten years old and under.  I'm just sayin'

Did I get any writing done?  Well, gee, not as much as you would imagine.

So, what was on your HAVE TO GET DONE list that didn't get done?

Counting it all laundry folding joy,


  1. Well at least you got it done instead of waiting until you are wearing the last stuff you own. Just saying.

  2. Very true, Joanna! That in itself is a joy -- a small one, but a joy nonetheless! lol


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