Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Answer to the Age Old Question: "But Why?"

Currently the chickadees are having a hard time not asking "why" when either The Calm One or I make a decision that directly or indirectly affects them. This drives their father and I crazy.

Up a wall.  Looney Tunes.  All the way to the funny farm.

Case in point:

"Can I have candy?"
"No, it's already past your bedtime and I don't want all the sugar to keep you awake.  You have school tomorrow, you know."

"But, why?"

You see how they ignore the explanation and ask "why" anyway?  And sometimes I just don't feel like giving a full-on explanation like the one above.  We have been doing the "because I said so" thing for awhile now, but even THAT getting old.

Lately the above conversation goes something like this:

"Can I have candy?"

"No and I am not legally or morally bound to give you a reason why."

Works beautifully. They still get to put on their I'm-crushed-at-your-lack-of-compassion face and I still get to ignore it.  Without all the extraneous verbage.

Chalk one up for Mama Hen.

The chickadees also like to ask the same question over and over again.  They may wait 15 or 20 seconds and ask again.  Or they may "forget" and ask again later that day.   Then, the conversation goes a bit differently.

"Can I watch tv?"
"No and I am not legally or morally obligated to give you a reason why."

(This conversation repeats several times during the day)

"Can I watch tv?"

"I have already given you the answer to that question.  I don't want to hear the words 'can I watch tv' come out of your mouth again."

The Affectionate One has found a way to get around our efforts to not hear the same words out of their mouths over and over again.


Chalk one up for the chickadees.

Counting it all parenting joy,


  1. Anonymous12/12/2011

    I love it! And so much more effective than the one I got and passed on to you: "because I said so!" or alternatively: "because I'm your mother, and I'm the boss." Gotta love the AO/RR's ingenuity, too. lol


  2. Yep . . . if anyone would try to figure out a way to beat the system in a passive way, it would be The Affectionate One!


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