Friday, November 4, 2011

Whirling Dervish. Need I Say More?

Whirling Dervish cracks me up! It's a statement I have made time and time and time again.  A statement that I am sure to make in the future.  His antics just beg to be blogged.

Last night we decided to reward the kids for their good report cards by allowing them to redeem their coupons for a free kids' meal at our local steakhouse.  Because nothing says, "Great job buddy!" and "Way to go, sister!"  than a family of five piling into a sticky booth (made for four) which offers all the peanuts you can stuff in your belly and whose shells can be tossed to the floor, but end up in sister's hair instead.

Good times.

At any rate . . . Whirling Dervish was his usual irrepressible self.  He was wiggling in the booth in time with the background music - which wasn't so much in the background by the way, he was crawling on the floor scrounging around for crayons that had gone AWOL - for which I was at the ready with an entire 8 oz bottle of Purel, and he was sucking down pop soda faster than the waitress could bring it to him.  You know, all the normal kid stuff.

Or maybe it's just normal for my kid.  Lord, help me.

When our food was delivered to us, Whirling Dervish decided to regale the pretty server with the story of how he rediscovered his belt when he finally unpacked that last tote.  The belt that he had on wrong side out.  And pulled so tight that he gave himself a muffin top and floods.  The belt that he neglected to tuck into the belt loops.  And was hanging  about 10 inches away from his body.  I think you get the picture.  No?

Here, need a little help?  This is what he looked like just before we walked out the apartment door:

We managed to talk him out of wearing the mask and toting nerf gun to the restaurant.  Perhaps that was a mistake on our part.  Oh, hindsight . . .

The server was so taken with our little man that she stuck around to chat and tell her own belt story.  She was much more put together than our Whirling Dervish.  And she was gorgeous, but not quite as cute as our WD, if you catch my drift . . . Keep in mind that I may be a teensy bit biased.

Anyway, just when I thought that the evening couldn't get any better, Whirling Dervish surprised me.  By dancing all the way out of the restaurant and into the parking lot.  It was an interesting combination of line dancing (his short lesson was courtesy of the wait staff at the restaurant when they did an "impromptu" dance in the middle of our meal) and break dancing.  I do believe that he had a bit of the Robot thrown in for good measure also.

Too bad I couldn't get him to do the sprinkler.  After all that crawling around under the booth, the kid could use a good hosing down.  I'm just sayin'.

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