Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Planking: It's the New SomethingOrOther

I first heard of planking when I was reading JennyOnTheSpot. I was confused. I made haste to Google and YouTube. I approached both with one eye closed for fear of being tricked. I have seen one too many of those innocent looking YouTube videos that turn out to have the ghoulish figure pop up at the end. Yeah, that one. I'd link, but then I'd have to find one and watch it first. Nothankyouverymuch.

At any rate, it turned out to not be a popup freak show like I'd initially feared. It was however a joke. Maybe prank is a better word. I dunno. I grinned and promptly forgot all about it.

Fast forward to today. My kids are off the entire week for Thanksgiving. I am having a hard time being thankful for that, BTW. And it's raining. While I am thankful for the rain (Yahoo!), I am cursing the fact that our teeny 756 sq ft apartment cannot seem to contain the rambunctiousness that is my brood of chickadees.

For Realz.

So, there is some kid TV going on. That always means a healthy dose of Phineas and Ferb. And they featured Ben Stiller planking. My kids went wild. Imagine that. I was immediately prevailed upon to make use of my camera phone. I obliged because they were in such earnest. And what mother can resist the earnest faces of their offspring?

Counting it all joy,

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  1. Oh Jubilee... I am cracking up! When I first heard of planking I too went to YouTube with one eye open. And our family has also been converted. I tell ya... great family memories! :) Thanks for the big grin today ... adore ya!


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