Thursday, October 27, 2011

To (take in a) Pet or Not To (take in a) Pet. Oh, The Agony of Indecision!

I've gotten bitten by the bug.  Again


The Calm One and I spent an hour or so at a nearby mall. Among other stores, like boring Sears (tool dept - ugh), we went into the one and only pet shop.  It's much safer to go when the chickadees are in school. You know what I am sayin'  At least, I thought it was.  That is how it works in normal families, right?  I don't remember claiming that the Jubilant household was normal, however.  lol

When we walked into the pet store, I was immediately put off by the smell of so many animals in such a relatively confined space, but that was soon forgotten as I gazed at the little puppies and kittens behind the glass.  I put my hand up to the window to see if any would approach.  I avoided tapping but ONLY because of the big signs taped everywhere that remind you that if you disobey, they throw you in doggie jail and let you be eaten licked to death by hungry lions puppies.  I drooled and The Calm One was a good husband by letting me oooh and ahhh to my heart's content and pout when we left empty handed.  We are talkin' full out bottom lip sticking way out and everything.  True story.

I was surprised to see a sign right in the front of the store that said, "We need to rest, serious inquiries only."  Sure many of the animals were dozing, but I how sad it is that someone felt the need to put up a sign to basically tell potential buyers to NOT ask to play with the animals.  I mean, really?  How many animals are sold on the fly when a little girl convinces daddy dear to buy her a kitty?  It takes a strong man to say "no" when he's wrapped around her finger, right?

Caged all day and the store was discouraging interaction with humans.  Unbelievable.  Did they want to sell the pups or not?  If I had to be in a 2' x 1 1/2' space all day, I'd be laying around too.  Depressed and bored out of my mind!

I wanted to let them all loose in the store to get into mischief, exercise and play. 


I miss our chihuahua/jack russel mix, Leeli.  I do not miss the constant licking, however.  Any exposed skin on my person and she felt the need to lick it.  Over and over again.  Ick.  And she shed everywhere and I was tired of that.  And yet, if we could have brought her along with us to Texas, we would have.  I kinda regret not making sure that we did bring her.  She is happy in the home she is in now.  She even has her sister to play with.  Ah, siblings separated at birth (or nearly) and then reunited.

I wish we could have brought along our cat too.  Our cat didn't have attitude toward humans, but he could be feisty on occasion.  Playful and yet liked his own space, so he didn't need constant attention.  He didn't shed as badly as Leeli, but the cat hair was prolific.  We called him Kitty Kitty.  Sometimes we called him Itty Bitty 2.  He came from very short line of Itty Bittys, you see.  He is the only cat that my husband ever, EVER liked.  Kitty Kitty is in a good home too.  And I am glad of that.  Just wish it would have been possible to bring him with us.


I want a puppy.  Or maybe a kitten.  At least, I think I want a new pet.  I mean, I do.  Yes, I do.  Really.  If I could find one that would stay really small and obey really, really well and not shed, I'd be set.  And not get on our brand spankin' new couch.  Ever.  Hmm . . . maybe I don't want a new pet.  Gah!

On the other hand, maybe a trip to the animal shelter is in order because I do, oh, I DO so want a new puppy  (said in my best Shirley Temple impression)!

Counting it all hairy joy,

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