Saturday, October 22, 2011

Getting Caught Up

What a busy couple of weeks!

We packed, we withdrew kids from school, we cleaned house, we moved, we cleaned the new place, we enrolled kids in their new school, we made multiple trips to the Wal-Marts, the Big Lots, and the Goodwill.  And that was the fun part.

Oh, I kid, I kid.

We have had Open Houses, met teachers, played carnival games, ate more cotton candy, hot dogs and frito pie than was good for us, got faces painted and toiled over which temporary tattoos would be worthy of adorning our persons. 

And that was just yesterday.

Today we went to a local town festival and repeated much of the same -- only it cost us an arm and a leg whereas last night it just cost us an arm.  So, if you see two parents that are almost armless, trying to wrangle chickadees with butterfly faces and Army tatts on their shoulders with cotton candy hanging out of their mouth, then our cover may have been blown.  I'm just sayin.

It hasn't been all fun and games, but I am trying to not think about the 10 inches of water in the basement of our house back in Ohio. Unfortunately,  we can do nothing from where we are here in Texas. Turns out the flooding is due to record breaking rains and a lack of willingness on the part of the county commissioner to repair and reroute the sewer screw ups from the early 70s. It will cost the county too much money to be bothered with 20-30 houses that flood anytime it rains a good, heavy rain.  And we don't have money to make repairs ourselves.  If we did, we would still be living in Ohio and wouldn't have had to move in the first place. 

Ah, life.

I didn't even get upset over it when I heard. I cannot take on one more thing. I feel like my house in Ohio is over and done with and there is too much to be happy about where we are now, to get worked up over what I can't control.  I will let The Calm One and God handle it. I cannot.  I am practicing letting it go.  In word, if not in deed.  Ha!

We have been blessed quite a bit too. We traded in our truck for a new-to-us hybrid car. I love it to pieces. The Calm One was twitching when we traded in his honkin' big truck, but when he saw the great gas mileage, then he was much happier and the eye twitch settled down quite a bit.   He tools around in it as if it was his idea all along.  We've only have had to get gas once in the last two weeks. The Calm One puts nearly 80 miles a day on the OD going to work, so it's a pretty substantial savings for us in gas money.  God is Good!

As I mentioned above we are finally moved into our new apartment. Well, let me rephrase that:  all our stuff in now located in the apartment.  Much of it is still in totes.   I won't bore you with the details, suffice it to say, if I could change that quicker, I would.  I loathe stepping around totes and digging for what I need.  It doesn't seem to bother the rest of the Jubilant Clan as much as it bothers me . . .

Living at the OK corral was nice, but it was definitely time for us to move on. The whole fifteen mile to town and a lack of reception with our phones and internet thing was really wearing on us. Plus, The Calm One's aunt and uncle needed the ranch for their big shindig at Thanksgiving and wanted time to clean before relatives started arriving from all over the country. Literally, all over the country.  It is quite the highlight of the season.  And now that there are more younguns running around, it's even more fun.  Cannot wait for the get together.

Speaking of getting together with family:  I did a naughty thing.  I posted on FB a song that The Affectionate One wrote to her Papaw and Nanny about coming for Thanksgiving.  I didn't want to lay a guilt trip about their not being able to come, but I WAS hoping it would change their minds.  Wish I could buy plane tickets for them.  We all miss them so much that I couldn't resist letting them know.  heee heeee

The kids are settling in at their new school. The two youngest have come home talking non-stop about their day every day this week.  I am glad they are so resilient!  Our oldest, The Cruise Director, is just ecstatic that he is not an elementary schooler any more. He loves being a middle schooler. He honestly has a bounce to his step.  No, bounce is not the right word. A swagger.  A definite swagger.  He is hilarious.

I have taken a much needed break from writing. I was getting pretty bogged down and mentally blocked just before we moved. Sometimes you just have to walk away for a while. Plus, with the moving and all the changes, writing has been the last thing on my list lately.  I am itching to get back to it though and hope for it to be presentable by the beginning of next year.  This is the most excited I have been about any of my writing in a long time.

So, that's the update here at the jubilant household.  Hope you and yours are doing well.  I am back to my blog hopping and will visit many of you to see how you are doing.  Can't wait to find out how autumn is treating you!

Counting it all cotton candy joy,

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