Monday, August 1, 2011

A Grand New Adventure

I totally rip off other bloggers.

Okay, okay, I don't RIP them off, I just draw inspiration from other blog posts. I read a blog and think, "Oh, something like that happened to me. I can blog about that too!" Today, I am ripping off drawing inspiration from Big Mama.

I love reading her posts. She's so dry and sarcastic in a totally enjoyable way. She makes scarf folding and pool side shrimp eating sound fun and entertaining.  Anyway, if you aren't reading her blog, you totally should.  Totally.


The Calm One and I were discussing what time we should leave Ohio and begin our trek to Texas.  It seemed to me that leaving at night so the kids could sleep (theoretically), was the way too go.  He was used to working third shift, so I thought it would be no problem for him to drive through the night.

He wasn't too keen on the idea and was pretty adamant that leaving at 4:30am was the way to go.  Evidently, he had it all planned out so that we would miss the rush hour traffic of every major city we would pass through that first day.

Well, as long as you have it all planned out . . .

The kids were pretty good about getting up at dark o' thirty and hopping into the truck with their pillows, blankets and ziplock baggies full of Toasty O's.  All the essentials at their fingertips.  Of course, the dvds and mp3s and backpacks full of coloring books, snacks and various drive-mom-and-dad-crazy toys were packed the night before.

Texas or Bust

We were a sight to behold, pulling out with our truck and mini U-pay-an-arm-and-a-leg to-haul-it-yourself trailer.  We were packed to the gils.  Because the two youngest chickadees are still in booster seats, The Cruise Director had to sit between them.  It is the equivalent of when I was a kid and had to sit on the "hump."

Remember "the hump?"  Ghastly thing.  Always falling one way or the other into someone else's lap.  Usually the someone that either is on your last nerve or the one that has a half eaten ice cream cone pointing toward you.

The fog was thick and anticipation was high, we were rolling out.  A grand adventure.  A new chapter in our lives awaited us just around the corner - and a thousand miles away.

That's when Whirling Dervish brought our euphoria crashing down around our ears:

"Ugh!  Stop it!  You got your breath in my nose!"

Counting it all breathy joy,

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