Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What's a Mom to Do?

Okay, somebody tell me the trick.

I have threatened, pleaded, bribed and all to no avail.  We've tried time outs, early bedtimes, making them do jumping jacks and push ups, spankings, taken away beloved items, and prayed (a lot).

The Problem:  My chickadees still complain, whine and generally make life miserable when I tell them to go play.

We have limited their tv/computer/gamebox time (aka "screen time") to an hour a day and they cannot even think about watching/playing until they have done the satisfactory chores and whatnot.

We take them to various parks, and the dollar movie, involve them in what we are doing, play board games, visit friends and family, read, eat dinner together and all the other things that all the books and magazines suggest doing.

And still - the complaining, whining and general malaise continues.

I know it's summertime and they should have time to be lazy and do nothing.  But it's precisely when they are doing nothing that the disrespect and complaining is at it's height.

And I am tired.  And so very stressed that I cannot even summon the energy to be a teensy bit humorous in this post.  Not even one iota.

Any suggestions?

Finding it hard to discover the joy today,


  1. Seriously wish I could wave the magic wand and fix it for you. This is how they are handling the stress of moving away from all things they know. It's the unknown that is causing them to freak out. Try to get them excited about moving. Look the town up on the Internet and see what stores and stuff the new town has to show them. If they know the new place as things that they know it will help them not to freak out as much. Worth a shot.

  2. Thanks, Joanna. We have told them about where we are going to stop along the way and the fun things we have planned for the trip itself, but haven't told them much about the city we are moving to. That may help. :)


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