Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Birthday Bash of the Decade

Whew! What a busy couple of weeks! We celebrated our chickadees' birthdays yesterday in conjunction with Memorial Day. The red, white, and blue lent itself perfectly to a boy/girl birthday party.

With the weather cooperating so nicely it felt like Summer was officially here. We have had a very rainy Spring, so the heat was a welcome change. Even if everyone did stay inside to try and stand over the a/c vents in the house! LOL

I didn't get a chance to take pics of the food or decorations, but I did scour the 'net to find pictures similar to what we had.

I made red white and blue fortune cookies and used the Hambly tutorial.  My eye hand coordination must be lacking - or I was very tired at the time because I had to watch the video tutorial several times before I got the hang of it.  And it really is easy.  When a guest (Hi Kate!) asked me how I made them I took one apart to show her and couldn't remember.  Like I said, it's been a crazy few weeks!

The Crafty Crow

I didn't have enough clear dessert dishes to individualize the sky jello, so I put it all in one big bowl and let the kids dig in.  I also used the Jello Jigglers recipe instead of the regular Jello because I have such fond memories of Jello Jigglers from my childhood.  The Jello didn't get eaten quite as much as I had expected, but if I had individualized them, perhaps they would have gone over better.  On the other hand there was so much food (yay for potluck!), perhaps the jello was a casualty because of that.  The kids thought it was very cool though!

These are as tasty as they look and they were quite a hit.  I put them on a round clear platter and they went like hot cakes.  Later I found out that a couple of our younger guests were eating the bottom half of the strawberries and putting the tip half back on the platter!  They are super easy to make and take hardly anytime at all.  They are so worth the little bit of effort.  I didn't even need a tutorial for this one!

This was fun to do also.  They are just white (or yellow cupcakes), split in two with a brownie between them.  I used green icing for lettuce and yellow icing for mustard.  I was all out of red food coloring (boo!) so couldn't add the "ketchup."  It was a bit time consuming, but worth the effort.  I didn't use real sesame seeds, but used brown icing and placed little dots on top to look like sesame seeds.  It worked out pretty well, I think and I saved some money and time by using pre-made icing.  Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right?!

We had "real" food too, but this was the fun part, for me.  And hopefully for the chickadees.

We also made up a photo booth station so family and friends could be silly while waiting on food and other guests to arrive.

Hope you enjoyed this little visit into our Memorial Day Birthday Bash.  I sure did have fun revisiting it.  And now we have great memories and a photo album full of silly pictures to take with us when we move.

Thank you to all our guests, most of whom were from out of town, many whom helped out by bringing food, setting and cleaning up, and helped by relieving much of my "it has to be perfect" stress.

Counting it all birthday bash joy,

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