Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Little of This and A Little of That . . .

It's purging time here at the Jubilant household. Lately my days consist of waking up enough to get the kids on the bus, checking out FaceBook (I never was much of a newspaper reader) and then if I am not subbing, I put in a load or two of laundry and then hit the totes.

It's nothing like hitting the mattresses. On the other hand . . .

We have lots of totes stored away in the belly of the beast known as the Jubilant household. Mostly because we have moved so often (eleven times in thirteen years) that things often just stay packed. Now, kitchen stuff gets fully unpacked, cause, you know, gotta have the kitchen doodads handy at all times. But everything else is a hit or miss kind of thing. Just keepin' it real - and digressive . . .

Now that we are planning a move to Texas, I am going through everything we own and getting rid of the junk. And a lot of stuff that isn't.  I just don't wanna carry a bunch of stuff across the country that will be cheaper to replace than move, ya know?

So, the dining room and living room have been a complete disaster area for the last two weeks days.  A-hem.  On the bright side (?) I did find a few things that I had no idea I still owned.

The complete Weight Watchers set up for the year 2008.  It's a small lime green tote with all the notebooks and weight loss tools one could ever hope to own.  I am now 12lbs heavier than when I started WW back in 2008.  Do I need to mention it's been some time since I've used any of those tools in the little green tote?

I found exactly twelve glue sticks.  All in various states of use.  If only I knew I had these when Whirling Dervish brought home his school supply list that asked for 15 - yes 15 - glue sticks from each child.  Wow.  I could have saved a bundle at the Wal-Marts.  Like three whole dollars.  And then I could have spent those three dollars on Reece's Peanut Butter Eggs.  Because YUM to the E!

I also own three different styles of leftover birthday party napkins.  Did I actually think I'd use the same birthday theme twice?  What was I hoarding these for?  The Great Napkin Shortage?!  They are in the napkin holder as I speak type.

I seem to have an obsession with pedometers.  I have yet to locate a reasonably priced pedometer that works correctly.   They always miscount steps or count belly jiggle as a step (please, don't ask).  I have given up.  But evidently not until after purchasing different kinds over the years .  Ack!  Again:  The money I could have saved - and then spent on Jelly Belly jelly beans . . . just as well, I guess.

If I'd been a really good blogger, I'd have taken pictures of the piles in all their glory.  Alas . . .

Counting it all junky joy,

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  1. I'm laughing right along with you! I'm in the same boat. Is your Hubs getting a job and then moving or moving and then getting a job? Crazy time isn't it?


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