Friday, April 1, 2011

The big talk around the Jubilant household is moving to Texas.  There has also been a lot of praying.  And watching for signs.  I do believe that God still uses people and things/situations to confirm to us what He wants us to do or the direction he wants us to go.

I have to say, that other than a deep feeling of peace about the move, I haven't come across anything that screams, "Go To Texas!"  And that works for me too.  Peace about a decision is a very big thing.  Perhaps the biggest.

Now that the seriousness of the post is out of the way, I thought I'd share with you, some of the more precious and humorous "signs" that have occurred lately.

**  The Calm One came home from work the other day with a quarter in his pocket that he didn't remember putting there (we NEVER carry any kind of cash - just sayin').  He pulled it out and turned it over.  It was a state quarter - of Texas.  No joke.

 **  We are waiting on our income tax refund to fix up the house a bit and so The Calm One can get a plane ticket to Texas and do some interviewing.  The refund is a month overdue.  Just as the two of us were bemoaning over the fact that things seemed stalled because of needing the money, we passed a church sign that read,  ". . . though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come . . ."  I am so not kidding.

**  This one takes a little setting up, so hold on a bit.  When we first told the chickadees about the possibility of moving we were in the truck and The Calm One told the kids, "I sure wish God put on a billboard, 'Move to Texas' or 'Stay in Ohio!'  But God rarely works that way.  But it'd be cool, wouldn't it?"  Whirling Dervish asked what a billboard is and The Calm One told him, "It's a big sign on the side of the road that they use to tell people things." 

I mentioned that the kids might want to pray about how they were feeling about a move.  After a few moments of silence, Whirling Dervish piped up, "Daddy, I prayed and got put a sign in my heart that we should move to Texas!"  Since then every day he has asked me, "Has God put a sign in your heart yet?"  Sigh . . .

Counting it all signage as joy,


  1. You are where we were at last year. Never got that sign but ran into enough closed doors to get the message. The more we pray about it, the more peace we get. For us it will all come down to the job.

    I'm excited for you guys. I get where you are at!

  2. Wow, that whole "sign in my heart" story is great!
    I hope it is all smooth sailing from here on out!


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