Friday, February 18, 2011

Well, dear reader, it is that time again. Time to throw caution to the wind and break out the dreaded exercise DVDs.

I admit a certain amount of laziness laxness in the area of exercise since winter hit full force.  I am a certified couch potato.  BUT no more!  The weather here in Orange Cone County Ohio has warmed up enough to lull us into a place of hopefulness that Spring is right around the corner.

It is not.  I assure you.

It has been fun while it lasted these last two or three days, however,  I am sure it will snow tomorrow.  Because that's just the way Ohio weather works. Phooey.

At any rate . . . the weather, however misleading, has induced me to start exercising once again.  It hits every year about this time.  We have a few warm days, I can't wait to get active and outside so I make up any reason to be out of doors.  Including taking long walks.  And other unusual activities.

For example, instead of giving into the temptation to go back to bed once the chickadees got onto the bus, I scoured the house looking for my Walking With Leslie Sansone DVD and then actually did the workout.  Hey, looking for the DVD could have been enough of a workout for me on a normal day.

Then, I ran errands.  Uh-huh.  Me.  The rumors are true:   there are stores that are open before 10am!  You heard it here, dear reader.

I even threw in an extra load of laundry today!  Really!  As if the three I already finished weren't enough!  Yep.  I did it.  I am such a dare-dev*l.

I also raked up our little garden plot and mixed in fertilizer.  GASP!

And, cleaned out the chicken coop.  Double GASP!

Just reading all I managed to get done today has exhausted me.  You know, maybe I'll be glad to have a bit of winter back after all.

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