Sunday, February 27, 2011

Substituting Prayers

The weekend is almost over and I need to be prayed up.  I am looking at the possibility of nearly a week of substitute teaching. Did I mention, BTW that I am substituting?



A job I thought I'd never do. Even though my degree is in Secondary English. I'll wait while you take a moment to sort through the confusion. My parents had to have the same few years moments when I notified them of my lack of interest in teaching before my final semester of college.

I have always been completely up front about the fact that I went to college to get my MRS. The BA in teaching was just to please my parents who paid for a good portion of my academic experience in higher learning have something to fall back on.  Thanks again, Mom and Dad.

Unfortunately, my husband-to-be either 1). never got the message to show up on the same campus or 2). he didn't show up by God's design, knowing that I was far from ready to get seriously involved with a real man.

As opposed to the man-child beings that inhabited my alma mater.

Just sayin'.

Whatever the case, he wasn't there.   He did, however, love the fact that once we were married, he was helping me pay for a degree that I never planned to use.  A-hem.

Well, I guess you could say The Calm One has gotten the last laugh.  Turns out, I am using that degree after all (sort of) and recouping some of the loan he helped pay off back in the early years of our marriage. 

Yay me.

Actually, I do enjoy it.  I have the privilege of working for a small Christian school where the staff is supportive and immediately took me in as a family member.  Not often you get such a welcome.   I have mostly substituted for the preschool and preK programs.  Seems I should have gotten an Early Childhood degree instead of thinking I could possibly be holding lectures over The Heart of Darkness or The Sound and the Fury.

At any rate . . . the class I will be playing with teaching has four little boys that are quite rascally active.  I could use your prayers.  We'll just add them to the ones that I'll be saying while wrangling those sweet, sweet four year olds.

Counting it all rambunctious joy,

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