Monday, February 21, 2011

Best Quotes I've Ever Heard - For This Week At Least.

So, in my blog  hopping this week (and by that, I mean today mostly), I had a chuckle or twelve, one A-HA moment and one deep sight of gratitude mixed in with 42 other kinds of sweet, sweet emotion.  I'll let you figure out which emotion goes with which quote.  Because I know my dear readers are smart enough to figure these things out for themselves.

Big Mama:  "If I wanted to be spun around so fast that gravity becomes a non-issue, I’d have been an astronaut."  My sentiments exactly!  No carnival rides for me, either!

Boo Mama:   "DEHYDRATION IS RARELY GLAMOROUS, MY FRIENDS." Truer words were never spoken.

Jenny On The Spot:  "I ate a chicken quesadilla, drank a beer, then ordered coffee and crème brûlée. Some people have blankies they go to for comfort. Me? I prefer a blanket of FOOD."  As do I, my friend, as do I.  My preferences lie along the lines of  Vanilla Coke, french fries and large caramel frappes though . . .

Joanna @ Bugs In My Teeth"May you be encouraged to keep on keeping on. No, things have not gone to plan but keep pressing into Him, find your place so you can get your grace." Gulp.  That is all.

Annnnnnnnnd -  I saved the most important for last.
The Cruise Director (after opening a small Dollar Store-esque gift):  "YOU are the Best Mom Ever!"  Ever?!  Really?!  Little Ol' Me?!  **sniff**

Counting it all 42 kinds of joy,


  1. So is that a good gulp or a bad gulp?

  2. I love it when something cheap can elevate my status so much! Great quotes.

  3. I Think It is Good quotes For ME
    Thank You For Sharing..

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