Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Framed Silhouette Project

It may look like I've been doing nothing around here except crafting (and would that be so wrong, I ask?) but the truth is, it took me weeks to do the rosette topiary and then another week or so to get it up here on the ol' blog.  

The following framed silhouette project only took about an hour. Bonus!  

You'll want to gather your materials.  Camera, black paper, frame of your choice, scissors, background paper, adhesive and your printer.

Take your pictures, print them out and outline them with a pencil.  This will help you when it comes time to cut them out.

Trace  the cut outs on the back side of the black paper.  Many like to use a craft knife, but I used my kids pointed scissors.  They were handy and my craft knife needs a new blade, what can I say.

This is how mine turned out.

Decide which background paper you want to put behind your silhouette and cut to fit.

And then put it all together!  See?  Easy-peasy!  And oh, so cute!  These are going up in my bedroom.  Cannot wait to get them up.  The project only took about an hour, so it'll probably take weeks to get up on the wall.  You know how it goes . . .

( I am adding this to the Paisley Passions blog hop)

Counting it all crafty joy,

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