Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Smelly Top Ten - Wait - That Doesn't Sound So Good

Top Ten {Tuesday}

It's Top Ten Tuesday time! Thanks ohAmanda for such a great weekly linky party.  If you enjoy me list, you gotta hop on over and see some of the other blogger lists!  And here is my list for this week!  And don't judge me 'cause it's mostly about food.  M'kay?

Delightful Aromas

The smell of a baby's hair.  Especially right after a bath.  OMGoodness, is there anything sweeter?  Oh, my mama heart is aching.  It almost makes me wanna have another.  Nah, three chickadees are plenty.  Maybe I'll just babysit someone else's sweetheart instead.

Coffee.  I love smelling it even more than actually drinking it.  And I like drinking it a whole lot.  Hot.  Iced.  In frappe form.  I even like chocolate covered espresso beans.

Turkey.  Basically, a turkey in the oven brings back so many wonderful memories of family and stuff yourself silly dinners.  Yum.  And again, I say, yuuuuuhhhhhhmmmmm!  Although, it also evokes memories of boring parades when I'd rather watch cartoons.

Bonfires.  It makes me think of being down in the country at my in-laws sitting around the fire on a chilly night nursing a cup of hot chocolate.  Or coffee. 

Vanilla.  I know vanilla gets a bad rap because it's so, so vanilla.  But I love it anyway.  Vanilla candles, vanilla ice cream, vanilla lotions and perfumes.  Ahhhhhhhh . . .

Laundry off the line.  Forget the dryer sheets.  Keep the dryer off and put 'em on the line.  The wind does it for you - and it's free!  Bonus!

Stetson.  The Calm One wears this cologne.  It's one of the reasons I fell in love with him.  I know it's shallow.  But when he wears it, oh my heavens!  I'll spare you anymore details in an effort to keep the ol' blog G rated.  Youarewelcome.

Potato Soup.  It's comfort food time!  It smells good and it warms you up so nicely.  I am actually planning on making it this week.

Cinnamon Rolls.  Really, friends, need I say more?

Counting it all joy,

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