Saturday, October 23, 2010

Autumn Giveaway Winner!

Winner!  Winner!  Winner!

Well, Kristie, you were right in your guess of what special project I was working on last week! For those of you who missed it this is the picture clue I gave:

and THIS is the full picture of the project itself:

I am tickled that a couple of you thought that the pumpkins must be made of ceramic or porcelain.  Mostly because every thing you see here I was able to purchase at the dollar store here in town.  Except for the square of material.  I got that for a dollar at the Wal-Marts.  And it is really about three times the size shown here.  I folded it up for the picture.  I still need to hem the material to finish it off prettily, but didn't want to delay in posting a full picture any longer!

The only thing I would change is I'd put more spanish moss under the bottom pumpkin and I would buy the bottom pumpkin a teensy bit bigger than the top one.  Other than that:  I love how this expensive looking project was soooo cheap!  Under $5.50 in fact!

I have a set of handmade cards that I would love to send out to you as your special prize for being the first correct guess.  You can email me at to send me your address so I can get your prize out to you.

I have another project in the works and it looks a little something like this:

This pic gives fewer clues than the picture clue I gave for the last project.   This project is quite a bit more involved and therefore more time consuming than the white pumpkin project, so it may be a while before I finish it.  I'll be sure and post a picture when I do finish it.

Piqued your interest?  Hope so!

Counting it all joy,

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