Friday, August 20, 2010

Don't Laugh, It's a Real Word! And So Were the Eyebrows.

So, I was surfin' the 'net today. Something I haven't done in ages - along with blogging and reading blogs - ahem. And I came across a site that is just up my alley:

Save the Words

features words that have all but disappeared from standard English usage and also asks users to "adopt" the archaisms in their daily communications

It was fun to browse through and find so many words I'd never heard before. Most of the words, honestly, if they go by the wayside, not many would notice, let alone care. But as a lover of words (I am sure there is a word for THAT), I am kinda sad to see any word go. Archaic or not.  And if you are so inclined - I was - you can "adopt" a word.  Which just means that you promise to use your adopted word in everyday speech.

My favorite happens to be epalpebrate.  It means lacking eyebrows.  You may think that this particular word is an odd choice.

If you only knew.

Okay, I'll tell you.  There was this enlightening, nonchalant conversation about thick unruly eyebrows amongst a couple of dear, dear friends.  In my presence.  Without actually 'talking' to me.  All of the sudden I felt convicted.  And paranoid.  Were they referring to me?!  Was this - Gulp - an eyebrow intervention?! 

Gah! Self-centered much?

It was kinda like when someone offers you gum or a breath mint and you take it all the time wondering if they offered because you need it.  Yeah, like that.

You coulda called me Brooke Shields - The Early Years.  Minus the long brunette locks.  Remember when all you noticed on her face was her eyebrows?  Yeah.  That'd be me two days ago.  Only, my eyebrows what's left of them are blonde, so I was hoping no one would notice so much.

Cuz I am a big fat CHICKEN

At least when it comes to drastically altering anything about my face.  Not that I am a beauty - I just can't stomach the thought that I might possibly make it worse.  Ack!

So, I plucked my own eyebrows for the very first time.  I mean, I have tweezed now and again to eradicate the occasional stray.  I have even gone and let the hair wizard do them for me once.  I thought once it was done, I could duplicate it, no problem.  Yeah, not so much.  So I decided the best strategy was to ignore the eyebrows.  Until that fateful conversation when I knew I needed "the breath mint".

Well, now you understand why epalpebrate is my new favorite word.  It hits so close to home.  Face.  Whatever.

Counting it all joy,


  1. Anonymous8/20/2010

    Welcome back. "I" missed your blog.

  2. Hair wizard? Now, that's a new word!

    I've heard about this site before. I may just go adopt a word or two. Anything for a good cause. :-)

  3. Ask my sister to help, she did mine. :) You make me smile...thanks. I'll be checking out that website/blog, thanks. I used to read the dictionary for fun when I was younger. Yeah, I'm a geek.


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