Monday, July 26, 2010

Mega Sports Camp - Undefeated 2010

Hello Dear Reader. Hope your summer is going extremely well. We are soooo incredibly busy here at the Jubilant household.

This week we are having Mega Sports Camp and Kids Crusade at our church. Today was the first morning. I am so thankful for the youth kids and our other church leaders that are making it happen.  Mega Sports Camp was a huge hit.

We had four very quiet kids in Kids Crusade this morning. But toward the end of the session they had opened up. We had twice as many helpers as kids. When does THAT ever happen?! Anyway, we are hoping for more kids tomorrow. And for the kids who were here today to open up even more.

It is lonely jumping, waving my arms, shouting and dancing all by myself! But our director made a good point, sometimes to reach kids, you have to humble yourself and be a little crazy for God.

Rest assured, I've cornered the market on crazy this morning! Ha!

Off to find a little more crazy . . .

And counting it all joy,

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