Saturday, July 31, 2010


I was beginning to think we'd never get any eggs from our now almost fully grown chickens. And then today when I decided to check out where the sixth chicken was hiding, I noticed that she came from behind the coop. There is was a very small space between the coop and the fence, maybe six inches.  She was hiding nesting there instead of the nesting boxes.

I was so excited, that I ran in the house to tell the chickadees.  The only problem was that I couldn't get to it.  I mentioned it to The Calm One - poor thing, I won't him up in all my excitement - and he decided to try and retrieve it.

When he reached in for the egg (after closing off the access the chickens were using) he found two eggs!

Yay!  Finally the chickens are beginning to earn their keep!  Now, if they would just use the nesting boxes to actually nest instead of pooping in them!  Who knows where all we'll find eggs . . .

Counting it all joy,

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  1. I'm enjoying your blog... you've been very creative with it.


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