Thursday, May 13, 2010

Quirky Me

Time for more Quirky Me fun!

I just love talking about me. And then I get buyer's remorse and the phrase "What were you THINKING!" knocks around in my head for two or three days. Or until I do something else incredibly stupid.

But, wait. This was supposed to be a fun post, wasn't it? Okay, here we go!

Recently the members of the Jubilant household have been crazy hackers. As in coughing. The chickadees don't like the taste of cough drops so I purchased a bag of vitamin C drops. Now I cannot keep their dirty finger-nailed hands away from the bag. Seems at any one given time two or three of us are indulging.  I have a good excuse, of course.  I have a perpetual dry cough on account of medication I take.  That's my story and I am sticking to it.

Farm Rolls.  *sigh* I have no idea where my mom got the recipe from, I just glad she did.  They are wonderfully heavy, doughy sweet rolls that go well with just about anything.  Especially a pat (or two) of butter.  Yes, I said butter.  No margarine eaters here in the Jubilant household, no way! 

McDonald's caramel frappe.  Oh, my heavens.  The perfect blend of coffee, milk, ice and caramel.  Delightful.  Utterly.  (Notice I did not indulge in my weird sense of humor by saying "udderly."  You are welcome.)

My Shark Navigator vacuum.  Hello clean floors!  Love, love, love my new vacuum.  It's lightweight, no bags to buy and so far so good on it's claim that it doesn't lose suction.  Just like that other guy's vacuum, only it's less than half the price.  And The Calm One also got me the steam mop to go with the vacuum.  I know that most ladies would never ask for appliances as gifts like I do, but this was one of the best Mother's Day gifts he's ever given me.

Ya'll might be aware of my slight obsession with LOST. *a-hem*  I promise not to go any further with that.  However, two of my new favorite shows are Castle and Bones.  I am loving catching up on all the Bones episodes I've missed since just recently discovering it.  I know, I know, where have I been . . . (you know the answer to that, right:  watching LOST).  But the show that makes me laugh out loud is Castle.  It's so snarky.  And Nathan Fillion plays the part brilliantly.  His eyes are so expressive that you know what he's thinking.  That's some good acting, dear reader.  And I love the chemistry between Castle and Kate. It's well, endearing.  And spicy.  And quirky.

Which brings us back to me!  And, of course: quirky.

(I am also linking this post to Under Grace and Over Coffee.  Check it out, won't you?)

Counting it all joy,


  1. Anonymous5/14/2010

    Love your little hands....too great!

    I must admit that sometimes i wish I drank coffee when seeing delish looking coffee drinks. But alas I find it yucky!

    And these rolls? I think we need the recipe :o)

    I am glad you joined our random fun today with Andrea!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Ha! LOVE this post. I'm a fan of Bones and really enjoy Castle - I'm a little behind on watching Castele though.
    I LOVE making rolls!! And really love McDonald's Frapee's.
    My kids love the Vit C drops too, and the throat breezers are like candy to them! Hope y'all start feeling better.
    Thanks for joining in with the randomness, your post made me smile.

  3. Yay for a fellow quirky soul! Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi.

    I love Castle -- Nathan Fillion is a cutie and you're right -- snarky, but fun!

  4. I always ask for appliances. Rarely get them though, because my family thinks you shouldn't ask for appliances for Christmas. If it's what I want then I should get what I ask for. I'm just saying.....You'll love your steam mop. I love mine.

    We too have a no margarine household. The only times we have it in our house is when my mother comes. Then I hurry to get rid of it right after she leaves.

  5. Fun...yes, we are part of the hackers around here too! Are you gonna share the butter lovers recipe?? Please!? Have a great weekend.

  6. Anonymous5/14/2010

    I love getting appliances for gifts. My hubs bought me a Roomba for my birthday - after my Kitchenaid, it was teh best present ever! :)

  7. I always think those drinks look soo good, but I'm so hooked on my diet soda that there's no room for another drink in my life :)

  8. I love the hands that look like Micky Mouse. :-D

  9. Ah well if you're a fan of Lost, then you have my condolences. At least you've found new shows to fill the void!

    Oh man I'm such a sucker when it comes to any kind of iced drink with coffee. Will have to try the McDonald's frappe - thanks for the recommendation =)


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