Tuesday, April 6, 2010

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Our Family is Expanding

Just call us the Jubilant Farm.

You know we have Bear, our lovable, rambunctious one year old chocolate lab.  And you probably remember the Christmas tree incident(s) with our no-longer-kittens, but cats who will be a year old sometime this summer.  For those of you keeping track that's four, count 'em four, animals.  That's a lot of fur for this city girl who only had a guinea pig while growing up.

Yesterday we found ourselves at the local TSC.  For the sixth or seventh time in the last three weeks.  TSC has chicks and ducks and my little chickadees love going to see them.  Well, TSC now has six fewer chicks.  We had been talking perhaps someday we'd get two or three.  Someday.  Evidently, someday came yesterday.  And we found out the state minimum is six chicks and/or ducks.  So, six it was.

The jubilant chickadees were naming them as fast as the sales guy could get them into the box.  Honestly, the chicks all look the same to me.  I can't tell them a part, but somehow they can.  Or at least they say they do.   I'll take their word for it.  Why not?

The whole idea is to be able to have farm fresh eggs (some for ourselves and some to give away) and to give the kids experiences that we never had.  The eggs won't come for another three months or so, but the new experiences have started already.  And do you know the best part of it all is for me?


Does it really get any better than this?  Heaven help me if it does - I don't know if this sappy mother's heart take take much more sweetness.

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Counting it all joy,


  1. So cute! I went in our local feed store and they had the cutest little chicks and ducks! It was so hard not to buy a few to take home. My hubby said he would have to build some kind of pen before we can get them though!

  2. Kelli: The Calm One is in the process of building a coop as we speak. We bought the chicks at a day old, so he has a little bit of time before they need it. Gotta strategize, you know! :)

  3. Very fun! We just got chickens this last fall, but they were full grown when they were given to us. The kids would have loved it if they came as little chicks! :-)

  4. What a wonderful experience for them! And you are one brave Mama to take all of that on :) Good for you!

  5. aawww!! We have four hens we raised from chicks, we love our hens!

  6. I raised chickens when I was a kid for 4-H and loved it! Can't beat the sound of a box full of little chirps!!

    Happy WW!

  7. what a super sweet post! We used to have chickens and quail when we were little!

  8. Oh...those little chicks are SUPER cute!! Makes me remember back to when my mom and I bought chicks one Easter when I was a kid...never mind the fact that they got eaten by a fox...but darn were they cute :)


  9. I put a roosting pole in my "box" so they could hop up and down off of it. Eventually they will sleep on it, even as chicks. Of course, that is still a couple of weeks away...


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