Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So much energy, so little time

(This is not a review or paid ad for The Smart Cycle. We just really like it around here!)

Whirling Dervish is a morning person. So much of a morning person that it's terribly annoying to me those of us who can get up get dressed, fix breakfast for the kids and get them onto the bus while still sleeping with her their eyes open.

He tries to make it better by waking me with kisses. And that does help, I must admit. I just wish he would hold off until a more reasonable time frame than between 5: 30 and 6 a.m.

I know! *yawn*

Last Christmas the chickadees were blessed with a Smart Cycle. It's fun to watch them pedal away while learning. The fighting over who goes next (even though a well thought out plan was well established and agreed upon by all participants before hand) is not so much fun. At any rate, the Smart Cycle was a hit. Until they used it so much that a pedal broke off. Poppy came to the rescue and fixed that pesky pedal, but by then we'd moved and the Smart Cycle was forgotten in Mimi and Poppy's basement.

Recently under heavy enticement and under the influence of White House chicken, we brought the Smart Cycle home and the kids found a renewed interest in their once favorite toy. It was such a hit once again, that I considered taking their other presents back. Oh, I kid.

So, my point in all of this is that every day this week and last Whirling Dervish has been furiously pedaling away before 8 a.m. It has done wonders for his cabin fever. Which makes everything easier for me. Thank goodness.

And makes me tiredly wonder once again, how in the world did I birth such an energetic little boy?


  1. Anonymous12/22/2009

    Sorry, Sweetie, I taught him about the a.m. wake-up kisses; however, you should be very thankful for my resourcefulness since prior to that his method was to climb into our bed (not easy for those short legs at that time) and jump on me. Repeatedly. Since he was my knight and I was his queen (his designations, promise) I reminded him that Prince Charming woke Sleeping Beauty with a kiss. Not a leap.
    Glad the cycle is working out so well. You might want to keep an eye out for another cartridge when they go on sale, just in case.
    Love, Mimi
    PS. When would you like some more "enticement" in exchange for one or two other things the chicks might like to have at home. heh heh heh

  2. You too had energy until you gave birth to that energetic one. Now he has it all :)

    Have a Merry Christmas.


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