Wednesday, November 18, 2009

WFMW - Free Books!

Good Morning, dear reader! I have a great tip for you. For my regular readers this information will come as no surprise, but for my visitors, it may be new.

I love books. Love, LOVE, L♥VE books. Cannot say it enough. I can be found roaming the stacks at our library at least once a week stocking up. But there is another place where I love to get books:

FIRST (Fiction In Rather Short Takes) Wild Card Tours
. It's a group of reviewers of Christian literature from all kinds of genres. My favorite is fiction, historical romance, to be precise. But in this group, you can find opportunities for whatever you are into.

The best part is that the review books are free. FREE! Can't beat free! And you get to keep them. All you have to do in return is write a review on your blog. I can tell you that mixing my favorite pastime - reading - with my second favorite pastime - blogging - has been a terrific experience. Right along the time I am tapped out of ideas for my blog, along comes a FIRST book to review. There are a few rules and a teensy bit of legwork that a reviewer does, but it's minimal. And completely worth it.

Most of the work, like the basic layout of the post is done for you by Mimi Pearson, the site's moderator and creator. It's a matter of cutting and pasting. Then you just add your review.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, as my third grader will tell you.

Need an example of what a post looks like? You can click here and here. From these two posts, you can get an idea of what is done for you. I just write the section My Take, the rest is a matter of copying and pasting. My next review, The Swiss Courier by Tricia Goyer and Mike Yorkey, will post tomorrow. Come on back and check it out.

Free books Works for me!

(For other WFMW tips click on over to We Are That Family.)


  1. That is a great way to get fantastic books!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I am in the midst of a bloggy makeover so there is so much I need to add back on!!

    Looks like you have a great site!

    I love doing reviews and I have recently become a reviewer for a home school magazine. I will have to check this book review thing out!!!

  3. What a great opportunity for a book lover! Enjoy the free books and the fun in reading them!

  4. Thats a great idea!

  5. Coolness.

    I am signing up now. Do you do Thomas Nelson too? I love their selection!



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