Monday, November 30, 2009

The Jubilant Family Rules - A Project

It's important for children to know their boundaries. What you expect from them. It's also important that those boundaries and expectations are clear. And if you can work it into your decorating scheme, all the better! How in the world can that be pulled off? I am so glad you asked . . .

I saw this project on several sites and couldn't help but try it myself. I've included a few pictures for your viewing pleasure. Or maybe for mine. You know how it is. Bragging in it's most acceptable form. Toot Toot!

Assemble your tools
* Canvas(es) I wanted a 12 X 24, but ended up with two 12 X 12s. I couldn't wait for the hobby store to get in more 12 X 24s. Impatience could be my middle name. I'm just sayin'. You can use whatever size fits with where you want it. I saw one project that was done with a 5 X 7 picture frame. Nice for an end table or dresser.

* Paint color of your choice. I used a burgundy acrylic since it's my accent color in most of our living area. It was about $.68 at my fav - Hobby Lobby. Cheap is good. If you are using a picture frame, you can leave out this step altogether.

* Modge Podge. A crafter's best friend. Do not doubt me, dear reader, do not doubt me. It will make you joyful. In short, it will make your heart sing.

* Brushes for paint and Modge Podge - foam brushes work very well, but I liked the effect of a big chunky brush. Whatever works for you.

* Pretty paper of your choice. I used 12 X 12 scrap booking paper which is better (I think) than card stock. Takes the Modge Podge better. I picked about five coordinating papers that went with my paint color.

* Printer. I used different fonts to create a shabby chic look. Use whatever takes your fancy.

* Paper trimmer and decorative scissors.

* Bone folder or old credit/library card.

Paint the edges and sides of your canvas

I ended up painting the entire canvas because I wanted to be sure that if I didn't cut my paper strips wide enough (and I didn't) then I'd have color showing between them. Allow to dry and paint more coats if desired. Remember that the thinner the coat of paint, the faster it will dry. By the time I was finished with the second canvas, the first canvas was ready for it's second coat.

Print out your rules in the font(s) and size(s) of your choice
My printer won't accommodate 12 X 12 paper, so I printed them on 8 X 11 1/2 paper. I then used a light box and traced the rules (in black marker) onto the scrap book paper. This method is time consuming, but worth the effort.

Cut your rules into strips, alternating papers for a kind of quilted look
Play around until you are satisfied with paper placement. I'd suggest cutting the strips a bit bigger than you may need at first. Once you get an idea of how wide they need to be, then you can use decorative scissors or your paper cutter as needed. Keeping in mind that varying the widths of the strips makes the project more visually interesting.

After your canvas(es) are dried, apply a thin coat of Modge Podge
Place your strips over the wet Modge Podge then allow to dry. Don't get wrapped up on creating or sticking to a pattern (ABABAB) just try not to stick two strips of the same print together. I used an old library card to remove bubbles, etc. A teensy bit of my paint seeped out from under one strip and got on a strip above. At first I was aggravated and then I decided that it added to the shabby chic look. Letitgo - - And it's a good thing I was practicing being an imperfectionist because there was not way all those bubbles were coming out. I can live with that.

Once that dries, apply about four coats of Modge Podge on top of the paper, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next

I loved the look of brush strokes, so I really slopped on the Modge Podge (except for the first coat) and criss-crossed my strokes. It gave the canvas texture and interest. Again, the shabby chic thing. With the first thin coat of Modge Podge, my lettering did smear just a teensy bit. If you are able to use your printer and don't have to trace your letters in black marker like I did, this will probably won't happen. I am sure it happened to me only because I used black marker. And because the Lord is teaching me flexibility, adaptability and patience with myself all at the same time.

Go me. Rah.

Pick out a wide ribbon from which to hang your project.

If you are going that route, that is. I stapled the two long pieces to the back of the canvas and tied a fancy bow at the top. The problem was that the fancy bow came out when I tried to hang it on the wall. So, I opted for a knot and let the ends hang loose. You may be able to see that I folded up the ribbon several times when I got to the second canvas. I begun to wonder if the staples I used would easily tear the ribbon, so I doubled up.

Hang in a prominent place

If there is anything I have learned from this project is that sometimes you have to let go of the initial picture in your head and be willing to adapt when things don't go as planned. A little paint seeped onto a strip or two? Whatevers. And I don't have a big fancy bow at the top of the hanging? LetitgoOOooo . . .

The project got done, turned out decently and surprisingly enough, my chickadees get a big kick out of prancing to the hallway to read over our "new" set of rules. We'll read them through for several nights until they get the hang of it. Then, when they disobey, they can go to the rule board(s), and look for which rule they broke and report back to The Calm One and I.

Wanna see how other Family Rules projects turned out? Click on over to The Pleated Poppy (She gives an humorous tutorial), A Chronicle of Life's Surprises (scroll down toward the end of the post), Tah-Da and 30 Days: Inspired. When you click over, you will see that many of us were inspired by each other's rules and added them to our own list. Sometimes it takes a villiage, dear reader, a villiage.

Interested in what the Jubilant Rules are? Click here.

(For more creative ideas you can visit Room to Inspire.)


  1. Wow. That must have taken a long time but it is a great project!

  2. Anonymous12/05/2009

    We will definitely be making playdough ornaments this week! How FUN!

  3. I made this today, so much fun, the kids are loving it.

    Thanks for the links to the other projects!

  4. This is a great project and I am sure the kiddos really enjoy it. Thanks for linking up this up as well to Be Inspired!


  5. I have been wanting to make something like this! It turned out so cute!!! Thanks for sharing!


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