Monday, August 17, 2009

Let's hope it's not me-Me-ME!

Sometimes seeing is believing. And sometimes not seeing is believing. I guess it all depends on your perspective and the situation you find in front of you.

Our church is in the initial stages of an exciting work. It includes a name change, focusing on a new vision for our community, and ministry, ministry, ministry.

With a new name, comes a new logo. Essentially, it's a message that a company, a church or a group of people want to convey. Sometimes the message is obvious and sometimes more subtle.

With that in mind, check out this site, Abduzeedo, that compiled a list of clever logos. Can you figure out the unique techniques used to convey the message of each company? As far as I can tell, these aren't subliminal messages, just subtle pictures or twists of lettering.

These are my two favorite of the list. Can you tell what the company name is or what the company does just by looking at the logo?


The first logo is for the company Eight, Corporate Communications Company. The second is The Guild of Food Writers. See how the spoon and pen nib are incorporated? Clever. I love it. Love, love, love it. Food and writing. *sigh* Right up my two favorite alleys. Anyhoo . . .

How we present ourselves publicly, is important. Whether we intend to or not, our outward appearance says a lot about who we are. But this post isn't to endorse certain companies. Nor is it an attempt to pull a mini What Not To Wear Episode.

It's to just get us thinking about how we allow others to see us. Are we conveying a message of God's love? Are we showing others that it's more important to cover our rears than to be concerned with others?

Do others see me-me-me, or do they see God working through me?

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  1. Okay, stockpiling posts again, so I'm commenting on the last several!

    Love the video from Fox - had not seen that one yet.

    Love the commentary of sweaty boy smell - I should own stock in Febreze! I actually posted awhile ago about my youngest son's pride in finally NEEDING to Febreze his room like his brothers :)

    And I'm with you on the logo conversation. Been thinking about it a lot in regard to some of my more intimate relationships. I've been "letting down" my logo and not living up to His brand name in a few ways. This was just another good perspective check!

    There, I'm all caught up :)


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