Friday, July 31, 2009

VBS week - a hit!

We've had a great week here in the extended Jubilant household. Vacation Bible School is just what the doctor (and mommy) ordered.

The kids had a blast in spite of The Cruise Director's previous insistence that VBS is for little kids and was boring. He's the one that talked the most about what happened everyday. Yeah, this is the kid that thinks he's a teenager and refuses to talk to me unless there is food or pop in it for him.

Tonight was their end of the week performance. Awesome to see children singing for Jesus with their whole hearts. No inhibitions, no disrespectful mutterings, and no rolling of the eyes. Near to Heaven, dear reader, near to Heaven.

May I be perfectly honest? Besides the benefit of knowing my children are learning about God and getting to spend time with "old" friends from our previous church, it was so nice to have three hours a day to do exactly as I pleased.

What did I do with my time? I joyfully read without interruption. I joyfully looked through racks and racks of clothes at the Goodwill and found plenty of great bargains. I joyfully spent time with a dear friend. I joyfully breakfasted with my husband without having to run for more napkins or cut anyone's pancakes. I joyfully (and meticulously) did crossword and logic puzzles. And I even napped.

Dear reader, God is Good. All the time. Especially when napping is involved.

I'm just sayin'.

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  1. Sounds like heaven. I am green with envy! Someday....


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