Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Bit of Joyful Rambling on My "Day Off."

Today is a Mac & Cheese kind of day for me. I worked my fingers to the bone yesterday and declared that today would be my "day off." I hear that laughter from all of my dear mommy readers. Do we really ever get a day off?

Even if we completely leave the house for the day, we come back to those same chores that night. Unless you have an exceptional husband who cares for the children and does every chore in sight. In which case, don't tell me. I don't want to be guilty of jealousy. It being a sin and all.

The Calm One is great with the kids and giving me a day off now and then, but honestly, when I get home, sometimes I wish I hadn't left so the chores wouldn't be waiting for me at the end of my day.

Anyway . . .

So today is a mac&cheese kind of day. A day where I don't want to do much at all. In fact, the chickadees made their own lunches today (except Whirling Dervish - he needed help and only the mommy kind would do for him). They made what they called Supreme Sandwiches. I've meticulously documented the recipe - courtesy of The Cruise Director - in case any of you would like to duplicate it in the future.

Supreme Sandwiches
2 pc of bread (we use 100% whole wheat, but feel free to adapt to your taste)
10 M&Ms (plain, not peanut - evidently this is crucial)
2 large dollops of Miracle Whip
1 tsp of jelly (The Cruise Director used Apricot jelly. The Affectionate One and Whirling Dervish opted for Grape.)
1 slice of American Cheese, although, I'd opt for Swiss BTW
1 handful of rippled chips - give or take a handful or two
1 strawberry sliced in half with a butter knife b/c (The Cruise Director is still not allowed to use any other knife)
12 raspberries, give or take

Assemble as desired. Don't forget to decorate the outside of the sandwich also.

Um, yeah. Ick. I guess I should be glad for the fruit . . .

But for me, I made mac&cheese. There is something about mac&cheese that speaks of comfort and home. My recipe? Here you go:

Empty box into boiling water
Wait about nine minutes and drain
add neon orange powder, butter and milk
eat entire thing

On a lazy, ain't gonna do nuthin' kind of day, what are your comfort foods?



  1. I dont know if you get it there but over here we have what is called spam? i fry that... delicious!!! my hubby is a big fan of mac and cheese... but it makes me vomit i am afraid!

  2. Love your mac-and-cheese recipe! Hope you had a wonderful day.

  3. Hilarious!! You're too funny.

    Um, on a lazy day, I too totally dig mac-n-chz. And hot dogs, especially if they have cheese inside and can be zapped quickly in microwave. Yup, I'm that lazy :)


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