Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weed Rather Be Doin' Somethin' Else

Thought I'd do a quick post on why you've seen/read so little of me lately. I've been trying to tackle the ginormous task of weeding what used to be our backyard. I think now it could be certified as a natural preserve for various wildlife and, of course, weeds. The problem with weeds (d'uh) is that they have a tendency to come back.

En masse. (Bigger d'uh)

Probably because they are mad at me for violently ripping up their predecessors without remorse. No, not even an iota of remorse. In fact, my attitude may have been leaning toward the I'm-gonna-get-you-sucka side.

You know, at first.

Then the project that was supposed to take maybe two days turned into a couple of weeks. Working around the weather and normal life events has proved challenging in regards to this particular task.

Another challenge has been the type of weeds I've had to deal with. Thistles. Many, many thistles - that have had their way with my yard for two years before we bought the place. Let's just say that I do believe I've single handedly wiped out the entire trowel inventory of each Wal-Mart and Lowe's and Home Depot in a 27 mile radius. That's a lot of trowels.

There's a lot of weeds, dear reader. A lot of weeds.

The following is pictorial evidence of our challenge (only now, the thistles are about three times this size, what with all the rain we've gotten in the past two weeks):

and here is the progress we've made so far:

We've actually cleared out two sides of the pool fence. This is a pic of the short side.

Now, before you get go and get all jealous of the fact that we have a pool, did you notice the lovely shade of algae green water? Yeah, we are working on that too. It's currently a cloudy shade of light green. The new filter (um, YIKES) has finally been installed and we've been running back and forth to the pool store for the last week.

Boy, do they have our number . . . The pool guy's eyes light up every time he sees us pull in the parking lot. Should I be worried that he calls us by our first names and rubs his hands together in gleeful anticipation when we walk in?

And that big green slab of material in the third picture? It's half of the cover to our hot tub that is also currently out of commission. We had some strong winds carry it off the top of the hot tub in early Spring. Wondering why it's still there?

Me too.

So, there you have it. It may be a project that takes all summer. Just don't hold me to it. I may just be in the pool more often than I manage to weed around the pool. Can you blame me?


  1. Your hard work will pay off with a great reward!


  2. Anonymous6/15/2009

    Roundup, roundup,roundup. Buy some and use it wisely. Much better than pulling weeds. Just keep it out of the reach of the whirling dervish or your whole back yard will be barren. R

  3. Oh those darn thistles. We have them, and trust me, not even ROUND UP totally kills those things. But it does keep the menfolk here busy. And behaving nicely when they want to avoid being busy :)

    Yes, I'm one of those mean moms that uses weeding as a spiritual life lesson. :)


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